Best Buy follows Wal-Mart with $100 HD DVD player

  • Minneapolis (MN) - Almost immediately following the announcement of Wal-Mart's one-day sale where Toshiba's HD-A2 player would be marked down to just under $100, Best Buy changed its permanent price to match.

    Shoppers on bargain hunting sites began noticing the new price at Best Buy's website yesterday afternoon.  However, since then the page has been taken down and it appears Best Buy is discontinuing the low-end model.

    Local brick-and-mortar stores will clear out existing inventory of their players at the $99 price point.  Those unable to find a Best Buy with one in stock can go to Wal-Mart where, for today only, the HD-A2 is selling for $98.

    Kmart also announced it will begin selling the HD-A2, its only standalone high-def disc player, this holiday season.  The choice of retailers identifies this model as a bare-bones device appealing to budgeted consumers.  Toshiba also manufactures other HD DVD players ranging in price up to $700.