Netgear debuts Google-powered NeoTV set-top box

  • The first Google TV set-top box to hit the market was the Logitech Revue way back when.

    As you may recall, Revue sales were less-than-stellar, prompting Logitech to pull the system off the market. After the Revue failed, it seemed that a number of manufacturers were somewhat reluctant to bet on Google TV as an operating system for their set-top boxes.

    However, this reluctance appears to be waning, at least judging by the amount of Google-powered TVs and set-top boxes at CES 2013. Case in point - a new set-top box from industry heavyweight Netgear dubbed the NeoTV Prime. The box runs the latest version of the Google TV operating system and is currently available for $130.

    The set-top-box is equipped with a single HDMI input along with a single HDMI output. It also features a connection on the back for an IR blaster, as well as an an integrated Ethernet port.

    The NeoTV Prime ships with a rather interesting remote control that boasts a QWERTY keyboard on one side, a track pad on the other, and buttons for navigating and controlling apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

    The box also features integrated Wi-Fi and supports full HD resolution video playback along with 5.1 surround sound. With a price tag of $130, this device could be the product that Mountain View needs to finally get mainstream users to pay attention to its Google TV operating system.

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