Rockstar teases GTA V screenshots

Posted by Shane McGlaun

Back in October, video game maker Rockstar confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will be the next entry to the GTA franchise, along with a launch window.

In past games, we've seen missions using all sorts of land-based vehicles as well as aircraft. While we still don't have the full scoop on what GTA V will offer as far as missions go, Rockstar has offered up five new screenshots that hint at what we can expect from at least some of the game.

One of the most intriguing screenshots depicts a scuba diver floating in the water above a massive shark. That image seems to hint that some of the missions will be based in the water. Another potential water-based mission screenshot shows a mini submarine floating off the coast.

My personal favorite screenshot? A large passenger jet, what appears to be an F-16, and a blimp flying over the city. One can only hope this means you'll be able to jack passenger aircraft, while the fighter jets are deployed in pursuit instead of the police.

And yes, the new screenshots also show the protagonist of the game cruising with his Rottweiler in the car.

The final of the five new screenshots shows three game characters in a setting that reminds me a lot of Miami Vice from the 80s. GTA V is expected to launch in the spring of 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Versions of the game for computer gamers and the Wii U haven't yet been confirmed.