Backing up and restoring your rooted Kindle Fire HD

Posted by Shane McGlaun

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD tablet may still have a locked bootloader, but that hasn't stopped modders from rooting the popular device - even if full custom software installations are still blocked.

The last time we discussed the rooted Kindle Fire HD tablet was back in the middle of September when we  confirmed the device was fully capable of accessing Google's Play store.

Fortunately, we have more good news today courtesy of Kinfauns of XDA-Developers. Yes, Kinfauns has come up with a method for Fire HD owners to backup and restore system software - without having to perform a custom recovery.

 "I’ve been a little concerned about everybody jumping in without a safety net in place. There are numerous ways that this device can get bricked," Kinfauns explained.

"Not to put all of you into a panic, but just getting an eventual OTA update from Amazon might put some of these rooted KFHDs in jeopardy. With no custom recovery on the horizon, I think it’s important to have some backup/restore plan to get these devices booting again."

Essentially, the backup and recovery process involves a shell script that's able to create a backup directory on an inserted SD card.

The script backs up partitions 1-11, which is everything on the tablet's storage drive other than the /cache and /data directories. The script file makes all the files that it copies user readable and writable - allowing users to more easily restore their tablets.

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