Report: Google delays tablet in bid to lower cost

Posted by Shane McGlaun

The Internet has been abuzz lately with reports about Google's upcoming tablet.

True, Mountain View didn't exactly rack up a huge amount of success with its first iteration of the Nexus smartphone, but times have changed and the Internet search giant will likely have more luck with its tablet, at least in terms of specs, functionality and perhaps even mainstream adoption. 

Report: Google delays tablet in bid to lower costOf course, Google isn't going at this alone, with reports indicating that Mountain View is currently eyeing a collaborative effort with industry heavyweight Asus.

As I've noted previously, I think a Nexus tablet could be very successful if it hits the market with impressive performance at a low price.

Interestingly enough, a new report claims Google has delayed its tablet effort until July, in hopes that it can lower unit costs.

Personally, I was hoping the new tablet would be affixed with a price tag similar to that of the Kindle Fire, which is considered one of the most successful Android tablets to date with a very reasonable $200 price point.

Unfortunately, the new rumor seems to be a bit at odds with previous reports pegging the Google tablet at around $200 or less. Indeed, the as yet unnanmed tablet could very well weigh in at $250. Originally expected in May, rumors now peg the tablet for a July launch, with Google using the postponement as a reprieve of sorts to lower component prices. Frankly, I think a $50 difference in Amazon's favor more than sufficient to push shoppers towards the Kindle Fire, rather than Google's tablet.

As such, delaying the tablet in an effort to lower the price so it can successfully compete in a mobile market dominated by Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle Fire is definitely an appropriate tactic. Clearly, what Google and Asus need to do (assuming there is any truth to these rumors), is to launch a tablet priced at $200 - like the Fire - but with superior performance and unfettered access to the Android Market.