B&N to announce new Nook next week

  • Barnes & Noble has sent out invitations for a special event next week that is undoubtedly for the unveiling of the next entry in its Nook tablet line. The invitation teases a "very special announcement" and includes the "N" Nook logo.

    There's been little to no speculation about what Barnes & Noble plans to bring to the table in a new version of the Nook Color, so details like what version of Android it will run, what the resolution will be, and if B&N has anything to differentiate it from the other tablets on the market.

    The Nook was originally introduced as a direct competitor to the Kindle, with an e-ink display and an exclusive focus on digital books. With the introduction of the Nook Color, however, it has become more of a fully functional tablet.

    As such, the Nook Color 2 will have its eyes set on Amazon's still-freshly-minted Kindle Fire, which is due to start shipping early this month.

    The Kindle Fire set the price bar at just $199, making it a perfect impulse buy and an optimal price for huge holiday sales. The Nook has also been known for its mass market-friendly pricing.

    The Barnes & Noble announcement is scheduled for next Monday, November 7. Expect this to spur the whole Nook vs. Kindle debate all over again.

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