Consumers generally not excited about 3D: study

Posted by Mark Raby

Although it seems like everyone is calling it the next big thing, the majority of consumers are not that excited about 3D TV, and according to one study's results, interest in the technology actually goes down after users give it a test run.

Nielsen conducted the study to see just how interested American consumers are in the new 3D TV market. It found that around 25% of "active TV shoppers" had some interest in buying a set. However, once they tried it out, that number plummeted to just 12%.

So why the extreme lack of excitement about the new technology? Well, blame it on the young people's multitasking mindset. 89% said they became disillusioned by 3D TV because it is pretty much impossible to do anything else while watching. If you're watching a 3D broadcast and commercials come on, you have to take off your glasses if you want to start texting or browsing the Internet. You have to be totally engaged to watch 3D content, which is fine at the movies, but apparently a big turn-off at home.

Around half of those surveyed also expressed disinterest about the requirement of wearing 3D glasses.

TV manufacturers and content providers are still bullish on the 3D market, though. It's just becoming a stronger challenge. The trick now is to provide content that is so compelling, users won't even want to do anything else while they're experiencing it. 3D gaming will be a big part of qualming those fears.

All in all, though, those numbers are abysmal compared to the early excitement about the transition from standard definition to high definition. 3D adoption is going to be much more difficult.