Men spend nearly $1,000/year on consumer electronics

Posted by Mike Luttrell

EVen though people are constantly whining about the rough economy, it seems they're still flush enough to buy more TVs, game consoles, and Blu-ray players than ever before.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) released a report today detailing buying habits in the CE industry over the last year, and on average, consumer electronics purchases per household increased 12% over the previous year.

The average household spent $1,380 on products like HDTVs and computers between February 1, 2009 and February 1, 2010. That's a 12% increase over the same statistic in CEA's study last year.

Unsurpisingly, men tended to spend more, racking up $969 in consumer electronics purchases, with women spending $631, year-over-year increases of 7.4% and 13.1%, respectively. On average, a typical American adult spent $794 on CE products over that 12-month time span.

Other interesting statistics included the fact that the average household now owns 25 "CE products," up from 23, and HDTV ownership went from 52% to 65%.

Additional findings:

- The average household now has 1.8 HDTVs
- 86% of households have a computer
- 12% of households have a netbook
- 58% of households have a laptop
- TVs and DVD players are more popular than PCs
- 23% of households plan to buy either their first HDTV or a secondary HD set this year.