Men spend nearly $1,000/year on consumer electronics

  • EVen though people are constantly whining about the rough economy, it seems they're still flush enough to buy more TVs, game consoles, and Blu-ray players than ever before. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) released a report today detailing buying habits in the CE industry over the last year, and on average, consumer electronics purchases per household increased 12% over the previous year.

    The average household spent $1,380 on products like HDTVs and computers between February 1, 2009 and February 1, 2010. That's a 12% increase over the same statistic in CEA's study last year. Unsurpisingly, men tended to spend more, racking up $969 in consumer electronics purchases, with women spending $631, year-over-year increases of 7.4% and 13.1%, respectively. On average, a typical American adult spent $794 on CE products over that 12-month time span. Other interesting statistics included the fact that the average household now owns 25 "CE products," up from 23, and HDTV ownership went from 52% to 65%. Additional findings: - The average household now has 1.8 HDTVs - 86% of households have a computer - 12% of households have a netbook - 58% of households have a laptop - TVs and DVD players are more popular than PCs - 23% of households plan to buy either their first HDTV or a secondary HD set this year.