Opinion: Why Carl Icahn is full of crap in the Dell deal

I just finished reading an article in the WSJ talking about Icahn’s move against the Dell buyout and I think it is nonsense. Well, not the article, but rather, Icahn’s move to profit off killing the company. 

Why the NSA leak may boost Blackberry (and force us to move to Canada)

We seem to have learned three important lessons in the wake of the latest NSA leak. First off, the US and Chinese government have an uncomfortable number of things in common.

7 reasons the legal profession is facing a technology hump

Lawyer robots will one day kill us all while suing us for copyright infringement on our DNA, but until then, it could be that technology is making the profession a little nervous about its role in IT.

Privacy: How Google and you may be totally screwed

Another week, another scandal at the Obama Administration. Yes, the administration really should now be carrying an official tagline that reads "Scandals’r Us." The latest? The federal government has been collecting all Verizon mobile phone calling information for some time.

Where does Google Glass rank on the douche-wear scale?

Douches rule the world. There is empirical proof of that. They are everywhere. Google Glass will be their mind control mechanism. It will also stop all procreation. You have been warned non-douches. 

Virtual tractor market crashes; real people get crapped on

"There are more tractors sold in Farmville every day than are sold in the US every year." Fred Wilson, VC and principal at Union Street Ventures, December 30, 2009. Yesterday: Zynga lays off 520 people.

Dell on cyber security: You're screwed

I’m at the Dell Analyst conference this week and the Thursday morning session was all about security.

The Facebook and Yahoo CEOs: Dumb and dumber

If Facebook has a core demographic, it is probably the 12-22 year old user the platform was originally designed around. However, we’ve been hearing for some time that the above-mentioned demographic is likely tiring of the service.  

The fall of Apple and rise of Blackberry - what comes around goes around

Blackberry was the most powerful smartphone vendor just a short decade ago. Indeed, the corporation managed to translate its massively successful two-way pager business into what was ultimately dubbed the Crackberry, simply because people were so addicted to them. 

Apple beats Android in the DoD, but Blackberry still rules

Most people likely believe that iOS, Android and Blackberry are all on equal footing when it comes to security - with the same chance of winning device clearance at the DoD.

Qualcomm’s amazing tech could even get Martha Stewart a date

I’m at Qualcomm’s Developer conference this week and, as you’d expect, the corporation is presenting a massive amount of technology. 

The ironic tale of Android: Microsoft’s most profitable OS

Google hit the market led by a bunch of kids fresh out of school who were more than eager to prove why their way was better.

Why Paul Otellini shouldn’t step down as Intel CEO

I spend much of my time covering CEOs. While the compensation is often spectacular, the job is a life and family killer and I’ve seen more people worse for the job then better for it. 

Analyst: PC market crash makes consolidation "inevitable"

Yesterday IDC reported that worldwide PC shipments totaled 76.3 million units in the first quarter of 2013 (1Q13) - plummeting 13.9% compared to the same quarter in 2012.

PC shipments plummet as Windows 8 fails to jumpstart market

Worldwide PC shipments totaled 76.3 million units in the first quarter of 2013 (1Q13), plummeting -13.9% compared to the same quarter in 2012.

The impossible task of fixing Apple

It is rather interesting to watch Apple’s slide and read the speculation about what Cupertino needs to do to turn itself around. 

Bitcoin hits $239

Virtual currency Bitcoin broke the $200 barrier today and managed to briefly touch an impressive high of $239.

Why the Facebook phone could be a really bad idea

At the core of the Facebook phone lies a problem with HTC, the company allegedly tasked with manufacturing the device.    

AMD builds a game console monopoly

AMD has quietly gained control of the game consoles currently shipping (with the exception of the PS3), and the company recently confirmed it will be providing the core technology for Sony's upcoming PS4.

Nvidia's GTC: Making the imaginary real

Nvidia's GPU conference has become one of the more interesting industry events as the graphics market scales up to supercomputing and down to in-car navigation and entertainment systems.