Apple without Jobs? Nyet, says Larry Ellison

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is not exactly optimistic about the future of Apple without Steve Jobs at the helm.

Smart Electric may now be a smarter choice than a Telsa S

I use the word “may” advisedly, because like any answer to a problem it depends a great deal on what you want to do with the cars. But at an estimated $139 a month lease, the Smart Electric is far cheaper than the Tesla S to own, easier to park (critical to a commuter car). Plus, you can better afford another car to drive distance, also critical if you own any electric.  

Amazon founder buys old media: journalists crap themselves

If you are going into journalism for the fame, money, sex and drugs, you are an idiot. If you want to get into it because you have low self-esteem, are delusional, and don't know of any other reason to have a degree in communications, or history or some other humanities crap then, you are getting warmer.

How Windows is slowly killing Microsoft's mojo

Oh, for goodness sake, Microsoft isn't going to die. It will continue to be a giant in the tech industry, but like the rich geezer on Viagra hanging on to a 20 something gold digger, the company isn't going to have much mojo.

US government puts Apple ahead of Samsung - Duh!

Samsung had waged a successful patent battle with Apple that resulted in the US International Trade Commission banning certain Apple products in June of this year.

The NOKIA 1020 = the new iPhone

The Nokia 1020 is really the first breakout phone from any manufacturer that I think could recapture some of the exclusivity Apple's iPhone has lost.   

Logan’s Run: NVIDIA’s Kepler moves to revolutionize mobile devices

Kepler is Nvidia's lead graphic card technology. Typically, such graphics tech wouldn’t be capable of running on a mobile device - most of which simply lack the necessary electrical horsepower to drive it.

Telephone tech support scammers get the Feds riled up

According to the FTC, tech support scams are a problem. Yup. As if you didn't have enough reasons to hate tech support now they are going to get you proactively and not even wait for a call.

The end of cable TV is nigh - Aereo wins another round

I was around when cable first came to market, with the so-called "experts" arguing that no one would be stupid enough to pay for something you could get for free, namely advertising funded TV programs. And here we are decades later, pretty much proving them wrong, because, yes we are stupid enough.

Intel going somewhere: no one knows if it is up or down

Intel's income is down and the PC market is taking a battering. The company won't go bankrupt. Phew! But, it needs to figure out something for the post-PC era.

Police are mass tracking your license plates

The ACLU has released documents and information on the extent to which authorities are tracking you. This is the most ubiquitous technology you may never have heard of, and it is following you everywhere.

French making wine with Cola flavoring

People in France are not drinking enough wine, apparently, sooooo it seems like it would be a really good idea to combine oenology with the music of Raffi and drag the little tykes into the fray before they go all abstinence crazy or some such insanity.

Report: Job seekers should check their privacy settings

Social media websites can be a boon for employers scoping out job applicants, and that’s bad news for certain groups of young people, according to a new Northwestern University study.

Permanent Hiring Expected to Remain Steady and Temporary Hiring to Grow in the Back Half of 2013

U.S. workers can expect a stable employment environment over the next six months along with an upswing in temporary jobs. In CareerBuilder's latest national survey, employers indicated that full-time, permanent hiring in the second half of 2013 will mirror that of 2012 while temporary and contract hiring is expected to increase 10 percentage points over last year. 

Strathcom Media Doubles AdWords ROI for Dozens of Clients with Acquisio

Strathcom Media, a business dedicated to helping car dealerships with their online marketing pursuits, has made great strides towards providing greater value for their customers with the implementation of the Acquisio Bid & Budget Management system. Managing more than 1,000 dealerships across Canada, Strathcom has been able to double the amount of clicks they send to their clients, while maintaining a high impression share, and without exhausting daily budgets. The increase in value has come at no extra cost to their customers.

Apple found guilty of conspiring to raise e-book prices

Apple has been found guilty of conspiring with publishers to raise the price of e-books. The decision was reached by U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan, with damages levied against Apple to follow in a separate trial.

Dell vs. Icahn: Betting on a sure thing

Taking Dell private was never going to be an easy task. It is a big corporation and pulling together the cash to make this happen while jumping through all of the regulatory hoops would, for many CEOs, be more effort than it is worth.  

Living with NVIDIA Shield - the “other” Android gaming device

Nvidia's gaming system, Shield, could prove to be a lot of fun. Rob Enderle experiences the joys beyond traditional gaming.

Report: Content rights are slowing the TV market

Nearly one-third of US Telco TV households are expected to access multiscreen or TV Everywhere services by the end of 2013 – the vast majority of which already use advanced interactive features like remote programming a DVR.

Why I love Windows 8.1

I’m a Windows 8 user, even though I whined like a little baby when first struggling with the new UI like most. Of course I’m long over that - restoring to whining only when I’m given a Windows 7 machine to use. And Windows XP? Honestly, it feels like I’ve stepped back into the dark ages.