Trolltech raises $19.2 million in IPO

Norwegian software company Trolltech, best-known for its "Qt" C++ GUI toolkit, went public today at the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE).

Toshiba extends SDRAM, DDR license from Rambus

Rambus today said that Toshiba has extended its existing license covering SDRAM and DDR SDRAM memory controllers.

Second WGA class action suit filed against Microsoft

A second class action suit has been filed against Microsoft in Seattle's U.S. District Court. The suit, filed by a group of businesses and residents, alleges that Microsoft pushes WGA to all Windows machines, whether or not they have Automatic Updates turned on. In addition, the plaintiffs say customers are not informed about the true nature of WGA.

DDR2 contract prices to get boost in August

DRAMexchange has a bullish outlook for third quarter DDR2 pricing on an anticipated supply shortfall of 10-20% occurring late in the quarter.

Displaybank: Full HD TVs to account for 58% of overall 40" and larger TVs in 2010

In the market for 40" and larger LCD and PDP (plasma display panel) TVs, full HD (high-definition) TVs (with a resolution of 1920x1080) are likely to emerge as the mainstream with a market share increasing from 3.9% this year to 11.8% by 2007 and 58% by 2010, according to research firm Displaybank.

Pre-N chip production lead time extended

The lead time for the production of chips compliant with pre-N, or the 802.11n draft 1.0, wireless standard, has recently been extended to 12-16 weeks from the previous 8-12 weeks, as shipments of pre-N devices from Taiwan-based network-equipment makers started gaining momentum in June, according to sources at the makers.

Asustek lands widescreen notebook order from Dell, says paper

Dell has expanded the relationship with its new notebook contract supplier Asustek Computer, by adding a 14.1" widescreen notebook order to its existing orders for 2007, according to the Chinese-language Commercial Times .

AT&T privacy policy overreaches, lawyers say

A recent change to AT&T's privacy policy for broadband and video users is overbroad and likely will leave the courts or Congress to decide whether the company's practices are standard or sinister, legal experts said this week.

EMC buys RSA for $2.1 billion

Data storage specialist EMC has agreed to acquire digital security company RSA Security for slightly less than $2.1 billion.

Jobs seeks no compensation at Disney

Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs has requested that Walt Disney not compensated him for his new role as a member of Disney's board of directors.

Windows 98 and Millenium support cut-off looming

Microsoft will be cutting off extended support to users of their Windows 98 and Millenium operating systems on July 11. The cut-off will include the stopping of technical support and the issuing of security updates. Existing documentation will still be available on Microsoft's website.

Chip sales jump in May

Booming cell phone and consumer electronics sales were driving semiconductor sales in May. According to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), chip sales came in at $19.7 billion, which translated in a 9.4% increase year-over-year and 0.7% sequentially.

Google seeks to dismiss free speech lawsuit

Web search results can make or break a business. Companies pay big bucks to make it to the top of Yahoo! or Google. But one company is so disappointed with its position in the listings that it is taking Google to court.

Brisk sales of Apple MacBooks boost shipments for Asustek

Sales of Apple Computer's Intel Core Duo-based MacBook laptops have been stronger than expected, boosting monthly shipments of 13.3" MacBooks from Taiwan-based Asustek Computer to about 120,000 units in June, up from about 100,000 units when the company started shipping the new computers in April, according to sources at Taiwan-based notebook makers.

Intel may have paid German retailer to shut out AMD - report

An article released by Financial Times Germany (FTG) suggests that Intel may have paid one of Europe's largest electronics retailers to prevent PCs with AMD processors from being sold through the chain. A letter from a supplier appears to confirm earlier suspicions of retail manipulation, which also have been voiced by AMD's antitrust suit against Intel.

Supa Technology and FIC developing GPS markets in Europe and US

Supa Technology and First International Computer (FIC), relative newcomers in the GPS industry, are actively developing the GPS market in Europe and the US, with major clients currently including European and US domestic brands.

Sparkle declares RoHS compliance

Taiwan-based graphics card specialist Sparkle Computer has revealed a list of products, which it claims are all compliant with the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) legislation.