Nvidia profits from surge in notebook graphics shipments in Q2

A trend towards mobile computing is not just the driving force behind PC sales - graphics chip developers are seeing most of their growth in the mobile segment as well, according to JPR. In Q2, it was the green team that was especially successful in this field: Nvidia gained ground across the board and was the only graphics chip company to grow its shipments sequentially.

Deleting Online Predators Act overwhelmingly passes House

The days of Myspace and other social networking sites could be numbered at schools and public libraries. The Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA) has overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives by a 410 to 15 vote.

Six AMD dual-cores now at or below Intel price/performance curve

An unexpected halt to Pentium D price declines, followed by a slight bump, helped two more AMD dual-core processors join four of their peers today at positions at or below the price/performance curve TG Daily projects for Intel dual-core processors, based on new data from PriceGrabber and Froogle.

The response to Core 2 Duo: What does AMD do next?

Round Rock (TX) - AMD's first genuinely successful product in the PC CPU market was a product called K5. Far from its first processor, K5 was positioned as a price/performance competitor to Intel's Pentium. Later, AMD established a position for itself on the high-end as well, and even on the premium side of the price scale, as a performance leader. This was a strategy that would confound Intel's best efforts for nearly two years. But those periods of history are marked by the milestones of Intel's competitive responses, all of which drove AMD to new directions.

HP claims over 70 licensees of Lightscribe

Hewlett-Packard (HP), in response to questions raised by Taiwan-based makers of optical disc drives (ODD) regarding the global adoption of its Lightscribe direct disc labeling technology, recently claimed it has won 25 new licensees, including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and TEAC, raising the total number of licensees to above 70, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Tight supply of 32" TV panels on the horizon

Supply of 32" LCD TV panels will run short of demand by 10-15% in September, as large-scale US-based electronics retailers such as BestBuy and Circuit City have released orders for LCD TVs for the upcoming hot season, according to TFT LCD makers.

Realtek wireless USB PHY transceiver ASP to halve by 2007

A potential partnership between Realtek and Intel whereby Realtek Semiconductor physical (PHY) interface technology is licensed for wireless USB solutions should lead to increased gross margins and net profits for the IC design house, industry sources indicated.

Qualcomm and SMIC form strategic partnership

Qualcomm announced a strategic agreement with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), whereby SMIC will provide integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing services to Qualcomm using a specialized BiCMOS process technology at its Tianjin, China facility.

Kingston VP: DRAM prices to be stable through year-end

Kingston Technology vice president David Sun said yesterday that prices for standard DRAM will not go down further through the end of the year due to slow growth on the supply side amid memory makers' expansion in their flash and niche DRAM production.

Intel aims to ship 1 million Core 2 Duo processor within seven weeks

Intel isn't wasting time to push its new Core 2 Duo processor into the market. During the presentation of the chip at Intel's Santa Clara headquarters, chief executive Paul Otellini said that the Core 2 Duo will ramp in production faster than any previous processor and will cross then 1 million mark within seven weeks. He compared the ramp to the original Pentium processor, which needed more than one year to hit the one million mark about 12 years ago.

Dell XPS 700 upgrades to Core 2 Duo, Extreme on time, but will it ship?

Round Rock (TX) - Keeping one promise Dell Computer chairman Michael Dell made earlier this month to have Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors available in top-of-the-line models "day and date" with Intel's release, the company has modified the buildout components available for its XPS 700 series computers, with the new processors now available. But will Dell Computer be able to keep an even bigger promise: specifically, shipping XPS systems its customers have already ordered?

Kazaa settles with movie studios, music publishers, vows to go legit

The proprietors of Kazaa - the biggest P2P file sharing network for unmonitored content ever developed, by most estimates - announced a settlement with movie studios and music publishers, in order to avoid a fate similar to what its co-defendant Grokster faced in their landmark battle with MGM.

Calling Microsoft 'multicore,' CEO Ballmer prepares analysts for Vista delay

Microsoft is a company supported by "two big muscles," CEO Steve Ballmer said today: namely, online services and entertainment. So with both muscles going at once, it's no wonder the company has a hard time coming up with a firm date for consumer shipments of Windows Vista, saying now it'll ship "when it's ready."

India ditches 'potentially harmful' $100 laptop plan

India has declared it won't be buying any $100 laptops, saying it prefers to spend the money on teachers and more traditional teaching tools.

Dell to give up direct-sales in China?

Dell notebooks have appeared in several retail stores in China, according to sources at notebook manufacturers, who suspect that the leading notebook vendor may finally be adopting channel-marketing in the region.

Brand vendors to cut orders for pre-N products amid weak demand, say sources

Taiwan-based WLAN-equipment makers were caught off-guard by recent reports stating that sales of pre-N (802.11n draft 1.0) devices in the US channel have been slower than expected, with some brand vendors preparing to postpone, reduce, or even cancel, their third-quarter orders placed with Taiwan makers, according to sources at manufacturers.

Mobile data revenues hit $100 billion in 2005

Global revenues from mobile data services surpassed $100 billion for the first time, in 2005, at $102.1 billion, according to Informa Telecoms & Media.

AMD and ATI: Will their technologies merge as well?

Sunnyvale (CA) - The opportunity is huge: A personal computing platform with low power consumption, designed for mobility, merging a high-performance 64-bit computing platform with the parallel processing power of one of the most capable graphics platforms ever developed. When you see the prospects in terms of the fully assembled jigsaw puzzle that they jointly announced on Monday, it may appear that AMD and ATI have managed to fit all their pieces together.

Second-tier Taiwanese makers cut OEM prices of 8x DVD+R/-R discs

Optodisc Technology and Prodisc Technology, both second-tier producers of optical discs in Taiwan, are facing financial pressures and are eagerly competing for orders of 8x DVD+R/-R discs by lowering OEM quotations from $0.15 to $0.12 per disc, according to industry sources.

Sandisk using aggressive pricing to move the memory card market to higher capacities

The aggressive pricing strategy that SanDisk has adopted in its NAND flash memory cards since the first quarter of this year has helped push the industry to migrate to production of high-density devices, according to sources at Taiwan memory card makers.