Microsoft and PC vendors to offer upgrade coupon to promote Vista-capable PCs in Q4

Microsoft and the world's leading PC vendors have reached an agreement to promote the long-awaited Vista OS by offering PC buyers worldwide a free upgrade coupon, as a way of encouraging them to buy a Vista-capable PC as early as possible, according to market sources, citing information leaked from Taiwan-based PC makers.

AUO betting on 40-, 42" LCD-TV panel market

AU Optronics (AUO) is now aiming for the 40", 42", 46" and 47" LCD-TV markets, according to the company.

DRAM contract prices continue to go up in August

The contract prices of major DRAM chips are continuing to trend upward in the first half of August.

Samsung converts 12" capacity to NAND flash to meet demand from Apple, say sources

Although Apple disappointed its fans with not rolling out a new Ipod gadget during its recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Samsung Electronics started converting about 4% of its current 12" wafer production capacity from DRAM to NAND flash to be ready for upcoming demand from Apple.

Viacom's MTV Networks acquires net content producer Atom Entertainment

In a deal that's keeping MTV Networks in the news, the Viacom division is purchasing Web video and gaming content provider Atom Entertainment - itself the parent company of - for the tidy sum of $200 million.

Intel sells media and signaling business to Eicon

Intel today announced that it will transfer its media and signaling business division to Eicon Networks.

Rocky start for Qimonda IPO on New York exchange

The next stage of Infineon Technologies' spinoff of its memory division, Qimonda, got under way this morning on schedule, but not with all guns blazing, in analysts' view.

How ATI fits into AMD's Intel beating strategy - analyst opinion

A bunch of us spent last weekend at NASCAR and watched a car, number 48, which was effectively out of the race early on with a flat tire and a three lap disadvantage, do the impossible and win that race. If someone had asked me to bet on number 48 at the time of the flat I would have told them they were crazy, the guy had absolutely no chance of winning. But, in hind sight, any other bet would have been a losing one.

Clone notebook share worldwide declines to 14.5% in Q2

The combined share of clone (white-box) notebooks in the total worldwide notebook market continued to decline to 14.5% in the second quarter of this year from 15.7% in the first quarter, according data released recently by research firm Gartner Dataquest.

AOL draws fire after accidentally releasing data on keyword searches

AOL on Monday apologized for releasing information on about 20 million keyword searches in a move that ignited a firestorm of criticism about privacy rights on the Internet.

Lack of licensing revenue puts Transmeta back in the red

Transmeta exceeded its previously provided guidance for its second quarter with revenues of $9.3 million and a net loss of about $8.5 million.

Seagate ships 119 million hard drives in fiscal 2006

A rapidly growing demand for more storage capacity is pushing the hard drive industry into a period of significant growth. Leading the pace is Seagate, which said that it sold more than 119 million hard drives in the past 12 months.

Second Hand Smoke: Asus/Gigabyte Merger Squeezes Enthusiasm

It sounds like a joint-venture, but in the highly incestuous world of Taiwanese business affairs it is more of a merger. Asus is going to supply mobos and graphics cards under the Gigabyte brand, and will more than likely spin-off its own branded products in this category, as well.

How will the MySpace / Google deal affect Internet traffic?

It was just one year ago that News Corp. purchased the company that launched MySpace, by far the Internet's most successful experiment in social networking. Since that time, its traffic has almost quadrupled, eclipsing even that of Google. So when Google signed an agreement to become MySpace's search provider - paying for the right to do so - did it really land a big fish? Or is Google the one with the hook in its mouth?

Asustek, Gigabyte announce motherboard joint venture

In an environment of increasing competitive pressure, two of Taiwan's Tier 1 motherboard manufacturers have decided to merge their businesses. Asustek and Gigabyte today announced a joint venture that will be developing, manufacturing and marketing motherboards and graphics cards under the Gigabyte brand.

While not exactly backdating options, are Apple execs in more trouble?

According to the WSJ , several Apple executives were issued stock options on 17 January 2001, just before issuing its fiscal first quarter 2001 report. The stock value rose immediately thereafter, and each executive (excluding Steve Jobs) was about $7.5 million richer. It raises eyebrows...but hey, it's not backdating, is it. What's more, it might not be illegal.

Second Hand Smoke: PC Magazine's Sad Decline

PC Magazine is one of those great publications that made millions of people comfortable with computers. The magazine introduced people to what once was a geeky topic for a few and eventually became a mass market phenomenon in a short period of time.

Asustek rumored to soon merge with Gigabyte

Asustek Computer is interested in acquiring another motherboard specialist Gigabyte Technology, which shows better strength in distribution, according to sources in the Taiwan motherboard industry.

VIA and SiS may lose pricing edge as Nvidia MCP61S targets value desktops

Taiwan-based chipset suppliers Silicon Integrated System (SiS) and VIA Technologies will gradually lose their pricing edge in the entry-level chipset market as the Nvidia MCP61S integrated graphics processor (IGP) chipset is expected to win wider adoption with motherboard makers by providing cheaper cost with better performance, sources indicated.

AMD aims to ship 26 million desktop CPUs in H2 2006

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) aims to ship 26 million desktop-use processors in the second half of this year, bringing its projected shipments of desktop CPUs for all of 2006 to about 46 million units, according to sources at Taiwan motherboard makers familiar with AMD's product roadmap.