Why would anyone get rid of Bill Gates?!

Because they're Wall Street and they'd be free to suck every ounce of cash out of Microsoft and not have to worry about investing in the future; there won't be a future for Microsoft without Bill Gates. Let's find someone with some love for Microsoft to make it great again. Not just a bean counter or suit to manage its monopolies to death.

China employs 2 million web monitors

That's right: 2 million people who sit around, we presume, to look at what is going on the web so that the Chinese government can control it. They don't get to delete stuff, apparently, which is great because, that's a lot of deleters out there. No word on what the Chinese stand is on cute pictures of cats.

Samsung being probed for leaking Apple licensing details

Apparently, Samsung has allegedly used information from its own legal team that had highly confidential information relating to Apple's licensing agreements with Nokia, Ericsson, Sharp and Philips.

Dell declares the PC 'undead,' Windows 8.1 starts to shine

Dell really is pushing hard against the mindset that the PC is dead this week. The industry heavyweight had one of their largest PC launches ever and while tablets were a part of the launch, the devices didn’t eclipse the overall initiative. Personally, I think this is quite a strategic approach, simply because tablets haven’t been trending that well of late (particularly for Apple), and while volumes continue to rise, they are mostly tied to really cheap products.   

Tablet wars: Amazon vs. Microsoft and why Apple should be worried

The modern tablet market - created by Apple - has most recently been taken over by Google’s Android platform. However, Android is badly fragmented and the only pure player of scale seems to be Samsung, a corporation aggressively seeking an alternative.  

AMD’s cross-platform gaming strategy: Finding a lever

Archimedes said something to the effect if you have a long enough lever you can move the world. Well, right now gaming is reallt in trouble. Gaming companies are struggling to stay alive, with interest appearing to have moved from both game consoles and PCs to lower performing tablets and phones.

The next-gen Tegra Note tablet: A 2014 tablet in 2013

Nvidia is doing some fascinating things this year. First the company debuted a gaming device known as "Shield" which outperformed every portable gaming handset on the market and could even replace consoles by placing the performance in a real gaming controller. 

It's happening: tablet shipments to surpass PCs by end of 2013

IDC's latest projections predict that by 2017 PC's will only be 5% of the smart connected device market while tablets and smartphones will grow to 16.5% and 70.1% respectfully. Only geezers will use PCs and, of course, people who work for cheap ass companies which still uses a 30 year old COBOL application.  

Intel’s quarky future: Prepare your inner geek to be amazed

Intel Developer’s Forum kicks off this week and there is a little event put on by Intel Labs called Day 0. This event is typically a showcase for devices developed by Intel Labs, although this year it served to get us ready for an unexpected announcement by Santa Clara regarding a new product line called Quark. 

Judge's remedy in Apple eBook case changes everything

Steve Jobs' arrogance was part and parcel of who he was. It has now come back to bite his company on the butt as a judge now forces Apple to suck it up and let the market decide the price of eBooks. This is a black and white case where Apple bullied the publishing world to control eBook pricing. 

Samsung Gear vs. Qualcomm Toq: The unbattle of smartwatches

While it would certainly be easy to look at these two products and envision a huge battle for the hearts and minds of the consumer, neither are likely to capture the imagination of huge numbers of buyers - at least not at this point in time. 

5 routes to a great profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn definitely is where you go to show your professional self off to potential employees and former colleagues. Here's 5 ways you can create success for yourself on LinkedIn. Because success on LinkedIn is success in life. 

What a smartwatch will need to iPod the mobile market

Samsung, Apple and a number of other industry heavyweights are poised to make a run for the next "iPod event." As such, I thought it would be interesting to explore how a corporation could go about recreating an iPod, iPhone, or iPad moment with yet another mobile device.  

Apple wants to trademark the word "Startup" in Australia

Rose Powell at Startup Smart in Australia reports that Apple has put in an application to trademark the word Startup.  

3 people who can lead Microsoft after Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer essentially announced he is leaving Microsoft and the search for a new CEO has begun in earnest. Unfortunately, Wall Street may be the driving force behind who gets to run the company, but if innovation, raising morale, and making Microsoft feared were criteria, there are 3 people we believe can make it happen.  

How did Yahoo beat Google in Website rankings in July

Hey, we aren't the only ones who are surprisde. But, according to the comScore Media Metrix service, Yahoo had 3 million more unique visitors in July than Google.  Apparently this vindicates Marissa Mayer, former Googler and presently CEO of Yahoo. And, frankly, it is mystifying. I mean, for the all the crap Yahoo has gotten these last few years and the notion that Mayer was a little bit of a dilettente, you can't argue with the numbers.

Why life will go on if Apple debuts a gold iPhone

First, let’s start off by saying the vast majority of rumors circulating before the imminent debut of a new Apple iPhone are patently false. Historically, many were started by the powers that be at Cuperino in an effort to more accurately trace corporate leaks.

Groklaw shutting down; Lavabit sealed the deal

It started off covering legal issues related to Open Source, notably the SCO-Linux controversies of ten years ago. Now, fearing forced exposure, and possibly in frustration at the tide of recriminations following the exposure of the NSA's surveillance, Pamela Jones, PJ, the former paralegal founder of Groklaw, throws in the towel.  

How to make a bazillion dollars in 2014 from Windows XP

Support for Windows XP is officially ending in April, although it is estimated that about a third of the world will still be using the slowly aging operating system.   

Billionaire Larry Fight: Ellison ($43b) doesn't like Page ($26b)

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! One of the world's richest men, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, doesn't like another one of the world's richest men, Larry Page of Google. Larry Page is acting evil. Something about Java. Meh.   There are surreal moments in life when you realize that people who don't have a billion dollars are going to eventually figure out that people who do have a billion dollars are just whiny, self-absorbed freaks who will never know the joys of the Jack in the Box  Waffle Stack.