Warner patents Blu-ray/HD DVD hybrid disc

The battle for high-definition disc dominance has made few ripples in the non-videophile population. Still, most of the big movie studios have pledged support for either Blu-ray or HD DVD, and a few, like Warner Bros, have begun to release movies on both formats.

Intel schedules January 2007 price cuts for Pentium 4 line

In January 2007, Intel will cut prices on processors including the 651 (3.4GHz/2MB L2/800MHz FSB), 641 (3.2GHz/2MB L2/800MHz FSB), 631 (3GHz/2MB L2/800MHz FSB), 541 (3.2GHz/1MB L2/800MHz FSB) and 531 (3GHz/1MB L2/800MHz FSB) by up to 58%, in an attempt to clear inventory prior to the Conroe-L launch, according to motherboard makers.

S-LCD and Sharp to speed up 8G LCD production

S-LCD, the joint venture of Samsung Electronics and Sony, is now placing equipment orders for its eighth-generation (8G) TFT LCD plant, with volume production likely to start 2-3 months earlier than the originally planned October 2007, according to the Korean-language Digital Times .

T-Mobile USA wins U.S. mobile licenses for $4.2 billion

T-Mobile USA, a unit of Deutsche Telekom AG (DT), has won 120 mobile licenses in the U.S. with a bid of $4.2 billion, in a move that will help the company expand its presence in the important U.S. market.

Apple sells 125,000 movie downloads in first week

Walt Disney chief executive Robert Iger said on Tuesday the company sold 125,000 movie downloads worth $1 million in revenue through Apple Computer's iTunes Store during the offering's first week, Reuters is reporting.

Motorola buys Symbol Technologies

Schaumburg (IL) - Motorola and Symbol Technologies today announced that they have merged in an arrangement that Motorola says will help its business strategy of seamless mobile integration. The acquisition, which costs Motorola $15 per share of Symbol stock, is expected to be finalized by the early part of 2007.

Amazon launches CD on demand service

CustomFlix, the company behind Amazon.com's flagship DVD on demand store, today announced an expansion of its partnership with Amazon with a music CD on demand service. Independent artists will be able to upload their music and sell custom CDs to millions of customers.

Samsung may increase SLC NAND flash prices by 10%

Samsung Electronics is planning to increase its NAND flash contract prices in the second half of September due to tight supply, with the single-level-cell (SLC) segment likely to see a 10% rise, according to sources with memory module makers.

Napster may be acquired - again

The name of the P2P file sharing pioneer may be changing hands once again as the company today announced that it has received "third party interest in establishing strategic partnerships or potentially acquiring the company." The firm said it is consulting with UBS Investment Bank to assist the Board and management in its evaluation of strategic alternatives.

Shipments of mobile phone displays surge

Manufacturers of cellphones purchased significantly more LCDs for their products in Q2 2006 than in the same timeframe last year.

DivX IPO: The fight for digital dominance

With online videos hotter than ever, the timing apparently couldn't be better for the market debut of digital media firm DivX.

Time Warner to sell German unit of AOL

In a deal announced late Sunday night, AOL will sell the German division of its Internet service company to Milan, Italy-based Telecom Italia SpA for nearly $870 million. This move comes a couple months after AOL decided to scrap large parts of fee-based services in the United States, such as email, in favor of attracting more advertising revenue.

Intel promotes Core 2 Duo in Centrino-sized marketing campaign

Intel today announced a new program to promote its recently launched Core 2 Duo processor. The company will run a global advertising campaign that will reach the investment volume of Intel's $300-million Centrino campaign in 2003, an executive told TG Daily.

System builders to ship more PCs, earn less money in 2006

Stamford (CN) - Gartner today followed yesterday's Q2 PC sales report published by IDC and agreed that worldwide PC shipments are on track for a double-digit increase over 2005. However, the erosion of average PC prices will impact the bottom line: Revenues will decline 2.5% over 2005, Gartner estimates.

Universal may sue YouTube, MySpace

According to a report from Market Watch, Universal Music Group may be suing YouTube and MySpace for copyright infringement. The sites, which allow users to share videos and music to millions of people, currently provide access to copyrighted multimedia content without the consent of the copyright holders.

Toshiba to pay Micron $288 million for Lexar patents

Toshiba and Micron today announced that the two companies have settled all NAND flash-related litigations over patents of Lexar, a company that was acquired by Micron in June of this year.

Samsung aims to ship more than six million LCD TVs in 2006

Samsung Electronics aims to keep a leading position in the global LCD TV market by shipping over six million units in 2006, up from two million in 2005, according to David Steel, vice president of marketing for Samsung' Digital Media Business.

Yahoo and Acer form multi-year partnership

Yahoo and Acer today announced a multi-year strategic partnership to distribute a co-branded toolbar and start page and to set Yahoo as the default search engine on all Acer PCs sold globally.

Sub-$500 PCs dominate back-to-school retail sales

System builders are increasingly betting on a PC price tag below $500 to be successful in the second most important PC selling season of the year: Current Analysis found that the sub-$500 space captured a 54% share in US back-to-school retail sales. No worries, if you've missed it: The day of the value PC has arrived and it is here to stay, says the research firm.

PC sales continue solid pace in Q2

alysts of market research firm IDC confirmed a healthy state of the global PC market as sales continued to grow on a solid pace in the second quarter of this year. Despite a slow dip, shipments are expected to grow in the low double-digit range this year and touch 230 million PCs.