MySpace acquisition a $20 billion fraud?

Brad Greenspan, one of the original founders of the MySpace universe, published a report that claims that News Corp.'s 2005 acquisition of MySpace may have defrauded shareholders by "more than $20 billion." Greenspan has requested further investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance.

Apple confirms stock option grant concerns, board member resigns

Cupertino (CA) - Apple today reported the results of a three-month-long investigation into stock option grants to employees. While the company found "no misconduct" of any member of the current management team, Apple confirmed 15 questionable grants in January 2002 and earlier. Former CFO Fred Anderson resigned from the firm's board following the announcement.

Calif. to indict Dunn, four more over HP spy scandal

Patricia Dunn, the former chairman of HP, and four others are to face charges over The great HP Pretexting Fiasco.

Cyber Home to stop producing DVD players - sources

Taiwan-based Cyber Home Entertainment, a maker of DVD players an recorders, has decided to stop producing DVD players mainly due to that Philips demands royalty payment, according to industry sources.

Market-share free-for-all breaks out in hard drive market

Seagate Technology's acquisition of Maxtor has triggered an all-out battle for market share in the hard disk drive (HDD) business, spurring an industry-wide price war in the second quarter, according to Isuppli.

Rumors of Foxconn-Quanta merger resurface

Recent speculation pointing to a merger between Foxconn Electronics and Quanta Computer now indicates that the tie-up is in the final stage.

Profits in 32" LCD TV panel segment hard to come by

With panel prices for office applications starting to rise from July, LCD panel makers have started earning profits from the segment, but losses continue in the 32" LCD TV panel segment, according to panel makers.

Microsoft appeals latest EU antitrust fine

Microsoft said Tuesday it had formally appealed a $357 million fine levied against it by regulators from the European Union, who say the software giant failed to comply with earlier sanctions meant to create a more competitive software marketplace.

Novell seeks summary judgment on SCO's IP license revenue

Novell has asked for a partial summary judgment that it is entitled to 95% of SCO Group's intellectual property license revenue in a move that could derail the controversial Unix vendor's legal battles.

GIF loses patent protection

I am sure a lot of you remember the great "GIF fiasco": more than a decade ago, Unisys decided to make money out of the most used image file format on the Internet: the GIF format.

Memo suggests HP's Hurd knew of probe in July 2005: WSJ

Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Mark Hurd may have known as early as in July 2005 the company was looking into private phone records as part of its leak investigation, The Wall Street Journal reported in its online edition on Monday.

Analysis: VoodooPC - Why so little could mean so much for HP

  Chicago (IL) - HP's recent purchase of boutique PC builder VoodooPC has taken many by surprise. HP's PC division and Voodoo couldn't be more different and couldn't be less complementary. TG Daily talked to Voodoo's founders, HP and other custom PC builders to find out more - and found that HP has bought itself a Formula 1 team, that could lead the way to an immense payoff.

AMD-ATI merger receives clearance in Taiwan

AMD today said that it was received clearance from Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission of Taiwan to acquire graphics chip maker ATI. The acquisition still remains subject to the approval of ATI shareholders, court approval of the plan of arrangement, approval by the Minister of Industry under the Investment Canada Act and other customary closing conditions. AMD expects to finalize the deal within this month.

Growing antitrust concerns over Vista in Europe

The included encryption and handwriting features in the upcoming Windows Vista operating system are giving European antitrust officials in Brussels some heartburn. Several small European software vendors believe the features could give Microsoft a monopoly and render their products uncompetitive.

Toshiba sells one million perpendicular hard drives

Toshiba today said that it has shipped more than one million perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) HDDs since June 2005, more than 40 million Ipod-sized 1.8" hard disk drives over the past six years as well as more than four million 2.5" drives for automobiles.

EA acquires Battlefield developer

Electronic Arts today announced a deal to acquire game developer Digital Illusions CE. Effective immediately, the acuisition brings the creators of the Battlefield series under full ownership of EA.

Apple, SecureWorks force Macbook hackers to cancel Wi-Fi exploit talk

San Diego (CA) - The anticipated showdown between Macbook Wi-Fi hackers and Apple has failed to materialize. David Maynor and Johnny "Cache" Ellch cancelled their scheduled talk at the Toorcon computer security convention in San Diego. The pairs was supposed to fully demonstrate the hack, but Maynor didn't take the flight to San Diego, while Ellch just gave a brief statement to convention attendees.

Yahoo teams up with HP on search engine

Yahoo said it has struck a deal with Hewlett-Packard to plant its Internet search engine on millions of computers, the latest volley in a high-stakes battle with Google Inc. and Microsoft.

Analyst sees 'modest success' for Zune

Microsoft will likely lose money on its new music player, Zune, against Apple Computer Inc.'s "industry-leading iPod profitability," an American Technology Research analyst said Friday.

Symantec feeling Vista heat

Symantec has warned that users of Microsoft's new Vista operating system could find their options for running anti-virus style software seriously reduced.