Yahoo and CBS partner up to offer local video news online

Yahoo has agreed to syndicate local news broadcasts from 16 CBS owned stations. Many of the stations are in large media markets, including New York and Los Angeles. Yahoo News users will be able to view from 10 to 20 video stories per day from each market. Yahoo will also include links to the station's website.

RIAA gives allegedly phony rap to innocent man

In yet another wave of suits filed against illegal music downloaders, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed a suit against various people in the Northern district of Illinois. However, one man seems to have gotten caught in the pirating web for no reason - and was able to convince the RIAA to withdraw the suit.

Asustek to reorganize in preparation for spinoff

Motherboard giant Asustek Computer, aiming for product diversification in the 3C (computer, communications, consumer electronics) market, will reorganize in preparation for spinning off its branded and manufacturing businesses, according to sources.

Nintendo to grow DS sales to 20 million this year

Even without the launch of the Wii, Nintendo will have a good shot at becoming the most successful video game hardware company this year.

Judge "bullies" Grand Theft Auto maker

Days before the controversial video game Bully is set to release Florida judge Ronald Friedman has ordered the creator of the game, Take 2 Interactive, to provide him with a copy of the game to see it first-hand, and then decide whether to put in place a temporary injunction to prevent sales of the game.

Transmeta seeks Core 2 Duo injunction against Intel

According to InfoWorld, Transmeta is charging Intel with violating 10 of its patents covering processor design and power efficiency techniques.

Anti-piracy plan may harm YouTube

A technology designed to detect copyright material could give YouTube a needed dose of legal legitimacy and calm any concerns Google has about spending US$1.65 billion on the Internet video site. That same technology, however, could hurt YouTube's edgy appeal.

Microsoft to launch customer service chat-bots

Microsoft has acquired Colloquis, a company that produces language-recognizing support programs.

September video game sales show growth

Market research firm NPD Group reports that September brought a significant increase in video game sales, creating a record as the best September in video game history.

Explorer slides, Firefox gains in latest browser rankings

Firefox continued to gain ground on Internet Explorer in September, according to the latest browser usage statistics from Net Applications. What's more, the firm reports increasing browser fragmentation among users.

Intel lands microSD card orders from Nokia and Motorola

Intel has landed orders for microSD cards from Nokia and Motorola, with a test run to begin by year-end and volume production to commence in the first quarter of 2007, according to sources.

ICANN can't yank Spamhaus domain

ICANN said it cannot delist UK-based Spamhaus' domain name. Spamhaus, a non-profit firm that offers anti-spam "black hole" lists, lost a US District court case to a U.S.-based marketing firm, e360 Insight, and must pay $11.7 million in damages. As part of the damages, e360 is trying to obtain a court order to delist the domain name, but ICANN has issued a statement saying that it does not have the ability or the authority to delist a name.

Libya to buy $100 laptops for kids

The government of Libya has reached an agreement with an American nonprofit group to provide inexpensive laptop computers for all of the nation's 1.2 million schoolchildren, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

Microsoft's BayStar links went deeper than Emerson

Former SCO Group investor BayStar Capital had meetings with at least three Microsoft Corp employees before being convinced to invest in the litigious Unix vendor, according to the sworn declaration of BayStar managing general partner, Larry Goldfarb.

Murdoch, Google in new talks

Social networking website MySpace wants to expand its commercial relationship with Google, after the internet search giant snapped up online video sharing site YouTube, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Apple's missing "Home on iPod" feature resurfaces in filing

Apple Computer has been granted a patent for a pretermitted feature of Mac OS X that would have allowed users to sync their home directories to an iPod and then use the data stored on the player to securely log into any supported Mac.

Microsoft disses Adobe with comparison videos

In the latest chapter of the ongoing feud between Microsoft and Adobe, Microsoft has now released a collection of videos on its Web site that gives viewers a head-to-head comparison between Dreamweaver 8, Adobe's site building application, and Microsoft's offering, Visual Studio 2005. In the bevy of comparative videos, Microsoft shows 101 Visual Studio features as compared to Dreamweaver 8.

Google + YouTube: Really smart or truly insane?

One thousand six hundred and fifty million dollars. With that, you could buy the latest US nuclear powered aircraft carrier and have $250 million left over to fuel and staff it. You could hire 16,500 people and pay them each $100,000 to work for you for a year. Or, you could have bought YouTube, which employs 65 people.

McAfee CEO, chairman retires after probe

Antivirus and security software provider McAfee on Wednesday said it fired President Kevin Weiss, and announced that CEO and Chairman George Samenuk will retire after a stock options investigation found accounting problems that will require financial restatements.

Dell reportedly to enter 19" widescreen LCD monitor market

Dell has sent a request for quotation (RFQ) to panel makers for 19" widescreen LCD monitor panels, according to sources.