Former HP chairwoman pleads not guilty

Former Hewlett-Packard chairwoman Patricia Dunn pleaded not guilty Wednesday to four felony identity theft and fraud charges for allegedly instigating the company's ill-fated spying probe into boardroom leaks.

Acer and Asustek have nearly 15% share of global notebook market in Q3 2006 - IDC

Combined shipments of Acer- and Asustek-branded notebooks totaled 3.174 million units in the third quarter of this year, accounting for 14.9% of the third-quarter's global shipments of 21.3 million units, according to data from International Data Corporation (IDC).

Large-size LCD TV sales continue to boom in Q3

Over half of the LCD TV unit and revenue sales in the US market were of the screen sizes above 30 inches during the third quarter of 2006, according to Quixel Research.

Disappointing flash memory revenues could point to drop in iPod sales

El Segundo (CA) - NAND Flash memory suppliers were able to post a modest 4.2% year-over-year revenue gain, according to a report published today by iSuppli. The market research firm mentioned that the market environment could worsen in Q4, as MP3 player sales - a driving factor behind NAND flash shipments - may not reach their goals.

Microsoft sues creator of spyware screensaver

Microsoft today said that its filed suit against the craetors of a "notorious spyware program" which recently also had been the targeted by the Federal Trade Commission.

Coretronic ending PDP TV production for Dell

Taiwan-based Coretronic, which makes 42" and 50" PDP TVs for Dell, will end that partnership with Dell as early as mid- December, according to industry sources.

Justin Long to soon say "I'm no longer a Mac"

The latest slate of TV ads for Apple's Mac computers attained a level of viewer interest that most companies only ever dream of, giving everyone a good laugh when the recognizable characters appear on screen.

Nintendo plunges $200 million into Wii marketing

Taking one of its most aggressive moves in its 20+ year history of producing video games, Nintendo has said that it has plans to spend more than $200 million to advertising and marketing campaigns for its upcoming Wii console. The offensive move demonstrates Nintendo's hopes to capture more market share in the new generation, and climb up from its struggling position in last place in the previous console battle.

AUO beats Samsung as largest LCD monitor panel supplier in October

LCD monitor panel shipments from AU Optronics (AUO) surpassed that from Samsung Electronics in October, making the Taiwan-based company the world's largest supplier in terms of shipments, according to Taiwan-based panel makers.

Gates: Vista survived rivals' attacks

Microsoft has drawn criticism in recent weeks from security vendors Symantec and McAfee for being reluctant to give the firms more access to some of the core elements of Windows Vista. While Microsoft has made certain concessions to placate such demands, Bill Gates said this week that Windows Vista has remained intact.

ISPs 'should be responsible' for hacker attacks

Internet service providers (ISPs) should be made legally liable for the damage caused by "denial of service" (DoS) attacks carried out via their networks, a leading internet lawyer says.

Verizon and YouTube in mobile video talks

US telecoms firm Verizon Communications and Google-owned YouTube are in talks to transmit video clips from the video-sharing website onto mobile phones.

Vietnam to get Intel's largest international assembly and test fab

Intel will increase the size of the assembly and test facility it is building in Vietnam from 150,000 square feet to 500,000 square feet and raise its investment from the $300 million announced in February to $1 billion, the company announced today.

ESA tries strong arming video game blogs to take down "offending" content

The Entertainment Software Association has set its legal dogs upon game blogs including Kotaku and bits bytes pixels & sprites, sending a Cease & Desist nasty letter over a parody ERSB rating t-shirt, "Your Mom Rated E for Everyone."

First-tier notebook makers see record October sales

Except for Wistron, all first-tier Taiwan notebook makers including Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Inventec, had record revenues in October.

Sony: LCD TV demand to grow 30-40% in 2007

Global LCD TV demand will grow 40-50% in 2007, driven mainly by CRT TV replacement demand and the increase in digital TV (DTV) broadcasting, according to Satoshi Okawa, deputy president, TV Group, Sony.

Nvidia's profits jump 63%, confirms stock option issues

Nvidia reported "one of its best quarters" in the firm's history. Revenues surged 41% year-over-year to $820.6 million in the company's fiscal Q3 2007, ended October 29.

Adobe CFO resigns

Adobe announced that its chief financial officer Randy Furr has resigned his position, effective November 7.

Marvell completes Xscale acquisition, preps release of Monahans CPU

Santa Clara (CA) - Marvell today said that it has completed the acquisition of Intel's Communications and applications processor business, which mainly consists of the Xscale processor platform for handheld devices. According to Marvell, the transaction involved a $600 million cash payment and the assumption of "certain liabilities." The company said that the product line and patent portfolio will provide Marvell with a "strong presence in the growing market segment for cellular baseband and applications processors used in cellular and smart handheld devices."

U.S. overtakes Europe in Q3 06 LCD TV sales

According a report published by Displaysearch, U.S. Q3 2006 shipments of LCD TVs eclipsed shipments in Europe.