Kaz Hirai moves up in Sony executive ranking

After many problems with the launch of the PS3, Sony today announced a bit of a shake-up in the corporate level. Ken Kutaragi and Kaz Hirai, two of the most high-profile executives, are among the handful of people with new titles.

HP captures lead in PC market from Dell

Having trailed Dell in worldwide PC sales for four years, Hewlett-Packard has surpassed its rival during the third quarter of this year. According to a report from iSuppli, HP now leads the ranking with a global market share of 16.5%, while Dell fell behind with 16.3%.

Ballmer: Introduction of Vista, Office 07 biggest launch event in Microsoft's history

New York (NY) - Amid the typical marketing hyperboles tossed around at today's launch event at Nasdaq, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made one statement very clear. He referred to today as the biggest launch event in the company's history and deemed Vista and Office 2007 "the two most significant releases we've ever done."

Intel expects 45-65 nm crossover to be reached in 2008

After the planned launch of 45 nm processors in the second half of 2007, Intel will likely reach the crossover between 45nm and 65nm nodes in CPU production in 2008, said Rob Willoner, technology analyst at Intel's technology and manufacturing group.

Global shortage of Blu-ray Disc pick-up heads expected to ease in 2007

As Nichia and Sony will increase production of blue laser diodes used in Blu-ray Disc (BD) drives and Sharp recently joining such production, the current global shortage of BD pick-up heads (PUHs), in which blue laser diodes is a key component, will gradually relax next year, according to sources in Taiwan's optical disc drive industry.

Samsung and Dell sign contract for 27" LCD monitor panel supply

Executives at Samsung Electronics recently said the company has signed a long-term contract with Dell for 27" widescreen LCD monitor panels, according to the Korean-language Electronic Times, Seoul .

Vista, Office 2007 to debut with business version releases today

Redmond (WA) - The wait is over, at least for business customers, for Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system, as well as the latest version of Microsoft Office. The new programs, which will be available for consumers in January, round out a sweeping release of updates over the past few months for Microsoft's most widely used applications.

Black Friday more popular among online shoppers than Cyber Monday

A study commissioned by Deloitte & Touche found that more people shopped online the day after Thanksgiving than this Monday. According to the firm, 20% of consumers were buying products on Black Friday, while only 19% were shopping on Cyber Monday.

Philips ships millionth Ambilight TV

Atlanta (GA) - Philips today announced that it has sent its one millionth Ambilight TV off the production line. Compared to regular LCD TVs, Ambilight devices emit ambient light out of the sides of the TV frame. See Philips' Ambilight plasma TVs in action ...

Windows Vista shipments estimated at 90 million for first year

Framingham (MS) - IDC today released first projections of Windows Vista's likely impact on the existing Windows market. The market research firm believes that 90 million units will be installed next year. But only the consumer market is expected to adopt Vista almost instantly, while businesses will wait at least until 2008 for a broad deployment.

Nvidia takes $127 million charge for "certain option grants"

Nvidia said it has filed three amended SEC forms relating to the firm's fiscal year 2006 ended January 29, 2006, the first quarter of fiscal 2007 ended April 30, 2006, and for the second quarter of fiscal 2007 ended July 30, 2006.

Ritek to raise CD-R disc pricing

Ritek, the second largest producer of optical discs in Taiwan, recently announced it will be raising its prices for CD-R discs to $0.12, up from $0.11, according to company vice general manager Chang Yu-Kun.

DRAM market: PC OEMs ink long-term deal to ensure stable supply

Although spot prices of DRAM did not improve much during the week of November 22-28, pricing is remaining firm in the contract market with some PC OEMs starting to ink long-term supply deals to ensure a stable supply through the first quarter of 2007, according to DRAMeXchange.

PC-related IC designers see November sales down 10% during Vista wait

With motherboard shipments going down due to weak demand during the wait for Microsoft's Vista operating system (OS), several designers of PC-related ICs may see their November revenues drop about 10% sequentially, according to industry sources.

Stallman says Novell/Microsoft deal does not violate GPLv2

The Free Software Foundation's founder Richard Stallman has confirmed that the recent patent covenant between Novell Inc and Microsoft Corp is not a violation of the current version two of the GNU GPL, but will be outlawed under version three.

Annual maintenance may affect DRAM supply in Q1 2007

DRAM makers' annual maintenance may affect supply in the first quarter 2007, as new capacity coming online at the time will be limited, according to market observers.

Nintendo confirms sales of 600,000 Wii consoles in first week

Redmond (WA) - In plain shipment numbers, Nintendo's Wii can claim to have had the most successful launch week. The manufacturer today said that more than 600,000 consoles were sold in the first eight days after launch, generating sales of more than $190 million. Meanwhile, Ebay is experiencing brisk PS3 and Wii activity with sale prices having settled around $1200 and $400, respectively.

Cyber Monday: A $600 million day

It may not be the buyer's bonanza once hyped by retailers, but "Cyber Monday" is not just window dressing either.

Microsoft now an ICANN-approved registrar

Microsoft has become an ICANN-accredited domain registrar, giving it the ability to sell domains directly to its customers.

SCO claims IBM destroyed evidence

SCO claims that the reason that it has not got as much evidence it would like to back up its infamous case against IBM is because Biggish Blue destroyed it.