Microsoft believes it can sell a million Zunes by June

Redmond (WA) - Responding to critics who say that the Zune is destined to be a flop, Microsoft today announced that it plans to have sold a million units by June 2007, a sales target that Apple attained about two years after the original introduction of the iPod. See the Microsoft Zune in detail here ...

Nvidia scores dramatic gain in graphics chip market share

Tiburon (CA) - Despite its recent accounting woes, Nvidia may have just completed one of the most successful quarters in the firm's history. According to a report released by Jon Peddie Research (JPR) today, the company gained shares in virtually all of the markets it competes in - mainly at the expense of ATI, which suffered heavy losses across the board.

Yahoo shakes up executive tier

Three top executives will be leaving Yahoo as part of what the search company is calling a "major reorganization" in its top-level ranks. The chief operating officer, a senior vice president, and the head of Yahoo's entertainment division are all headed out the doors of Yahoo's corporate office.

Judge sets date for AMD-Intel NDA documents

The court presiding over the AMD-Intel antitrust case has made some orders that will affect the dozens of companies that have been subpoenad.

Japan wants strict Youtube video screening

Universal, NBC, and other entertainment companies are increasingly upset about Youtube's potential for copyright infringement. Japan is getting in on the act, too, asking for much stricter uploading and screening processes.

Suspect in PS3 robbery gets killed by police

Wilmington (NC) - One of the many cases of Playstation 3 robberies ended fatally as police gunned down a suspect in North Carolina accused of stalking a customer on the PS3 launch day back to his apartment, beating him up, and stealing his console. The robbery victim, a student at UNC, was one of the first to get a PS3 in the state, having waited over three days to purchase the console at Wal-Mart at midnight on the November 17 launch day.

Universal, MySpace set for landmark battle

The legal battle brewing between Universal Music and MySpace could shape the broader commercial relationship between traditional media companies and a new generation of internet start-ups that rely on them for content.

Black Friday sales grow nearly 12% - NPD Group

The NPD research group says technology sales grew 11.8% for the week ending November 25 which includes the major Black Friday shopping day after Thanksgiving. Sales surpassed $2 billion dollars, but the group says the growth rate has slowed from previous years.

Windows Vista Ultimate for $3.50

Bangkok (Thailand) - Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system will not launch until January 30, but software pirates around the world are already churning out illegal copies of the recently released RTM Vista. Often these copies are sold for pennies on the dollar when compared to the original price: We were able to purchase a copy of Vista Ultimate, which will retail for $400, for a mere $3.50 (US).

AMD jumps into top-10 of world's largest semiconductor companies

Surging microprocessor sales as well as the acquisition of ATI have made AMD an official member of the world's ten largest chip manufacturers, according to a report released today by iSuppli. AMD checks in at #7, while Intel is seeing double-digit declines in revenue.

OpenOffice opens support for Open XML

Waltham (MA) - A new advancement for Office clones was reached today, as Novell and Microsoft announced that OpenOffice will receive support for the Open XML platform, a file format developed by Microsoft for the upcoming Office 2007 suite.

PS3 importers threatened by Sony

Even though there's only a few hundred thousand consoles across the globe right now, Sony is already making clear that it wants no one to import the PS3 from foreign countries, threatening legal action against anyone who does so.

Qualcomm to Acquire Airgo and Bluetooth Assets of RFMD

Qualcomm today announced that it will acquire for cash WLAN MIMO innovator Airgo Networks and the majority of RF Micro Devices' (RFMD's) Bluetooth assets.

Overall PC growth slows during Black Friday, Current Analysis says

Overall growth in the number of PCs sold in the US retail channel slowed during the Black Friday week of 2006, compared with the Black Friday week of 2005, according to Current Analysis.

Judge confirms ruling to dismiss most of SCO's evidence against IBM

The US District Judge hearing SCO Group's breach-of-contract and copyright case against IBM has affirmed an earlier ruling limiting the Unix vendor's claims to just 106 items of claimed evidence.

AMD aims to reclaim CPU crown with 2007 quad-core

Berkeley (CA) - AMD yesterday presented the first native quad-core CPU, a processor that combines four cores within one die, to analysts. Few details have been provided at the time of the announcement, but the puzzle is coming together and suggests that AMD may have a shot at trumping Intel by mid-2007, at least until the blue team rolls out 45 nm chips.

HP probe scandal shifts to alleged stock fraud

Just when the dust had finally settled from the big scandal earlier this year, when HP executives were accused of spying on journalists, there are new claims of ethical violations, as records show that executives cashed in their stocks during the fiasco, trying to avoid a dip in stock price, according to a story by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Nvidia, AMD subpoenaed in graphics chip investigation

Nvidia and AMD, the new owner of graphics chip maker ATI, have confirmed idependent from another that they have subpoena from the San Francisco Office of the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

The end of Taiwan glass substrate industry

With Picvue Optoelectronics International (POI) closing down its business, Taiwan is officially out of the LCD glass substrate market.

Gigabyte to transfer own-brand motherboard and graphics card business to joint venture on December 7

Gigabyte Technology on November 30 announced it will formally transfer its own-brand desktop PC motherboard and graphics card operations.