Back-end capacity may not keep apace with DRAM production in 2007

Despite a strong outlook for DRAM 2007, some memory packaging and testing houses are conservative about expanding their capacity, raising the possibility of a shortage in back-end production, according to industry sources.

Motorola exec sheds light on Apple's 'iTV'

Apple, a company that is new to the video delivery business, has never been involved with the traditional carriers, and has instead elected to assist their customers with viewing iTunes-purchased video content on their HDTVs (high-definition televisions) with a product code-named "iTV."

Millions of dollars in gift cards go to waste

Store gift cards are popular presents during this holiday season, but did you know that companies are raking in huge profits because shoppers aren't cashing them in. According to a survey done by Consumer Reports, gift cards are the second most popular gift, just behind clothing, but almost one billion dollars of cards have gone unused from last year.

Dell receives non-compliance letter from Nasdaq

Dell said on Friday that the company has has received a letter from Nasdaq stating that it was not in compliance with listing requirements because it failed to files its its fiscal Q3 report in time.

Google offering domain names for $10

Google has partnered up with domain name registration services and eNom to resell domain names for $10. The names will be sold as part of the sign-up process for Google's 'Apps for Your Domain' service which is a set of hosted communication tools.

Bribery probe threatens Siemens/Nokia telecoms merger

$555 million bribery scandal at German conglomerate Siemens is threatening its agreement with Nokia to combine their fixed and mobile network infrastructure businesses in a 50-50 joint venture, a deal both companies regard as crucial to react to the consolidation of the industry and the rise of low-cost competitors from China.

Sony fakes PSP fan site

Sony has been outed by bloggers who have discovered the maker of exploding batteries has been running a fake PSP fan site.

Warner Bros. invests in parent company of Eidos

Warner Bros. is making its way into the video gaming industry with the purchase of a 10.3% share in SCi, parent company of video game developer Eidos, which is mainly know for its Tomb Raider series.

Apple delays filings, joining Dell

Apple Computer and Dell have both delayed reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission due to ongoing investigations related to financial reporting.

HP, Microsoft link to take aim at IBM customers

Taking aim at a greater slice of the corporate computing pie, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft said Wednesday they would join forces on a three-year, U$300 million effort to sell more software and service solutions to large enterprises where common rival IBM is a strong player.

Nintendo recalls 3.2 million Wii controller straps

In response to the reports last week that straps on the Wii remote were inadvertendly detaching from the controller, Nintendo today announced a voluntary recall for every Wii remote that has been shipped - more than 3.2 million.

Perpendicular hard drives at 5% market share

The adoption of hard drives using perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology has been slow so far, according to a report released by iSuppli, but will quickly increase in the fourth quarter and throughout 2007.

LCD manufacturers rocked by price-fixing investigation

The world's largest manufacturers of LCD displays are being investigated for alleged price-fixing. Authorities from the United States Justice Department and their counterparts in Japan, Korea and Europe are looking into whether LCD companies colluded to raise prices during 2003 and 2004.

PS3 murder case ends in freed cop after paperwork error

The case of a cop killing an unarmed man accused of stealing a PS3 added another twist this week. Right after the officer was indicted with murder, the grand jury came back and said there was a mistake and cleared the cop of all charges.

HP's Hurd probed over share sales

The CEO of Hewlett Packard is being asked why he cashed in $1.37 million of shares just before the false pretences scandal hit the fan.

Sony DVD burner order goes to TSST, as competition heats up in ODD market

Although Japanese DVD burner vendors have maintained strong ties with Taiwan OEMs, Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) recently grabbed orders for DVD burners for Sony.

LPL quoting 37" panels at $500, paper says

To clear out inventory, LG.Philips LCD recently starting quoting its 37" panels at $500 a piece.

Google revamps Finance page

Google has redesigned their Finance page and is including several new features including more chart data and a top movers sections. Currency and sector information is also displayed on the Finance homepage.

Ameriprise to pay Massachusetts in laptop theft case

Financial consulting firm Ameriprise has reached a settlement with the state of Massachusetts over a case of widespread data theft that occurred because of a stolen laptop last year. The firm agreed to pay $25,000 to the state, as well as to hire a new security consultant.

LG.Philips LCD gets visit from Korean Fair Trade Commission

LG.Philips LCD today issued a press release stating officials from the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) visited the panel maker's offices in Seoul, Korea as part of an investigation into possible anticompetitive conduct in the LCD industry.