Foreign evidence allowed in Intel antitrust case

An early preliminary decision in AMD's antitrust lawsuit against Intel goes in favor of AMD, as the overseer in the first stages of the suit told Intel that it needed to provide information about overseas operations, reports

Apple's Jobs apparently in the clear in options probe

Apple today filed its Q2 and fiscal 2006 forms, which had been delayed due to an investigation in stock option grants.

IT administrator gets 8 years for cyber sabotage

Putting an interesting twist on the all too common stock fraud story, a systems administrator at financial services firm UBS Paine Webber has been sentenced to eight years in prison for planting malicious software in the company's system in order to manipulate its stock price.

Sony settles with 40 more states in rootkit debacle

Chicago (IL) - Nearing the end of a year full of lawsuits, product recalls, and production problems for Sony, the electronics manufacturer has now settled with 40 states, nearing an end to the legal battles as a result of the inclusion of anti-copying software in its music CDs, which led some consumers to unknowingly open their computers to malicious attacks.

Lite-on IT to purchase Philips car-use optical disc drive business

The board of directors of Lite-On IT has approved a decision to purchase the Automotive Playback Modules (APM) business from Royal Philips Electronics and complete the purchase of BenQ's share in Philips BenQ Digital Storage (PBDS), a joint venture between Royal Philips Electronics and BenQ, according to Lite-On IT.

Microsoft RSS patents anger critics

Microsoft has managed to rankle its critics again, this time over a set of patent applications that cover one of blogging's key technologies - a technology that Microsoft did not invent.

Open Relay Database ceases operations

he Open Relay Database, a tool e-mail service providers used for years to help curb the spread of spam, is ceasing operations, a death partly attributable to its own success. It was 5.

DS Lite, iPods top Amazon's 2006 best selling list today released its list of the top products of 2006. Tipping the scales as the best sellers in their category were such products as the Nintendo DS Lite, World of Warcraft, and various iPod models.

Graphics cards sales down more than 12%

Just a few days before the official release of Windows Vista, which many consider an important factor to convince PC users to upgrade to better graphics hardware, a market research firm says that graphics cards sales have slowed significantly in the first three quarters of the year.

Gift cards blamed for post-Christmas slowdown of iTunes

Music fans eager to use their new iTunes gift cards on Christmas or shortly thereafter were met with disappointment, as Apple's digital music store greeted customers with error messages and exceptionally long download times.

Intel CPU launches too frequent for second-tier mobo makers

Intel's fast and frequent launches of CPUs put Taiwan-based second-tier motherboard makers under pressure for their product development and prices, according to industry sources.

Sony to go global with Bravia mobile DTV handsets

Sony Ericsson may have a worldwide roll out of its Bravia-branded handset that supports DVB-H (digital video broadcasting-handheld) mobile DTV (MDTV) in 2007, according to sources.

Mini PCs to get boost from low-power CPUs in Q2

Mini PCs will receive a boost in the second quarter of 2007, when AMD steps up efforts marketing its 35-watt CPUs made using 65nm technology, according to sources at Taiwan motherboard makers.

HP recaptures lead from Dell in notebook shipments

Austin (TX) - Following news that Hewlett-Packard (HP) has shipped more PCs than its rival Dell in the third quarter of this year, DisplaySearch today said that it believes that HP has also captured the lead in the quickly growing notebook PC segment.

Apple target of stock options probe

Shares of Apple Computer fell as much as 6% before recovering most of the lost ground after a San Francisco legal newspaper reported that federal prosecutors are investigating whether company officers forged documents to sweeten executive stock option grants.

Panasonic chooses plasma over LCD

CRT's won't last forever, and so consumers are being torn between two competing technologies. Plasma vs LCD.

Madden NFL 07 best selling game of 2006, says EA

Electronic Arts (EA) claims that Madden NFL 07 will top the charts of the best selling video games of 2006. According to the game publisher, the EA Sports title has sold more than five million times on a total of ten game platforms.

Best Buy opens first China store

Consumer electronics retailer Best Buy is opening its first outlet in China, teaming up with a local partner to tackle the hyper-competitive market for gadgets and appliances.

Wikipedia backer plans search engine to fight Google

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, is set to launch an internet search engine with that he hopes will become a rival to Google and Yahoo!

Retail prices of entry-level portable DVD players down 20-30%

Increasing competition between makers of optical disc drives (ODDs) in Taiwan and China as well as decreased costs for small-and medium-size TFT-LCD panels have caused global retail prices of entry-level portable DVD players to fall by 20-30% to $129-149, according to industry sources in Taiwan.