Quotes for large-size LCD TV panels drop to new lows, DisplaySearch says

Quotes for large-size LCD TV panels dropped to new lows in the first half of January, amid the slow season that still affects the LCD industry, according to DisplaySearch.

Amazon founder looking for aerospace engineers for rocket project

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos is looking for aerospace engineers to work on its space rocket project.

Online purchases exceed $100 billion in 2006

The numbers are in, and 2006 marked a new record for non-travel e-commerce spending, as the first year to reach total transactions of more than $100 billion. The 2006 holiday season accounted for nearly 25% of the year's entire sales volume.

ASP for monitor panels to fall below production costs again soon

The ASP (average selling price) for LCD monitor panels will fall below panel maker's production costs again between the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter in 2007, according to sources.

Plastic Logic to build factory for plastic displays

England-based Plastic Logic announced that it will build what it claims is the first factory to manufacture plastic electronics on a commercial scale.

Atari reverse splits stock to avoid Nasdaq delisting

Atari today said that its stockholders have approved a one-for-ten reverse stock split to meet Nasdaq listing requirements and lift the price of one share common stock above the $1 mark.

Hotjobs expects half of U.S. workers to be looking for a new job in 2007

Yahoo's Hotjobs division reports that nearly half of the respondents in a recent survey among 5331 U.S. workers said that they plan to search for a new job in 2007.

Qimonda to manufacture 75 nm XDR memory

Los Altos (CA) - Qimonda joins Samsung and Elpida as a mass manufacturer of Rambus XDR memory technology. The company intends to supply the memory modules into the game console, digital television, set-top box and PC graphics market. Qimonda's XDR memory modules will follow Rambus XDR (I) specification, running at 3.2 GHz - which is faster than the first XDR modules (2.4 GHz) that sampled early in 2005, but match the clock speed requirement of the currently most important XDR application, Sony's Playstation 3.

EarthLink CEO Garry Betty dies at 49

EarthLink President and Chief Executive Charles "Garry" Betty died Tuesday because of complications of cancer, the company said Wednesday.

Sony, Kodak nix 20-year-old patent dispute

Eastman Kodak today announced that it has reached a conclusion in a patent dispute with Sony that dates back to 1987. Under the mutually accepted deal, the two have entered a cross-licensing agreement that gives the two companies access to each other's patents dealing with digital cameras.

Man arrested for recording Saddam Hussein video

Iraqi officials have arrested the person they believe to be the one who captured the video of the hanging of Saddam Hussein, which rampantly circulated through the Internet, including a widely viewed video on YouTube.

Blockbuster Online ends 2006 with over two million users

Movie rental giant Blockbuster today announced that it ended the last year with nearly 2.2 million subscribers to its online rental service, with around two million actually currently paying for the service.

US research firm sues three cell phone makers over Bluetooth

Nokia, Samsung, and Panasonic are under litigation by the Washington Research Foundation (WRF) as a result of alleged of patent infringement in the use of wireless Bluetooth technology.

Inventec reportedly to exit LCD TV business

Inventec has decided to phase out of the LCD TV OEM business due to low margins and slower-than-expected order placement from TV brands, according to the Chinese-language Commercial Times.

Flat-panel HDTV sales soared in November

Unit sales for flat-panel TV and business displays in North America doubled sequentially in November in 2006, increasing an unprecedented 109%, according to Pacific Media Associates (PMA).

Sirius tops six million subscribers

Sirius Satellite Radio ended the year on a positive note as, in addition to achieving its first quarter with a positive cash flow, it topped the six million subscriber mark.

Xbox 360 outsells Wii, PS3

While the biggest newsmakers over the last two months may have been Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft held its own during the holiday shopping season, with a well-established stock allowing the Xbox 360 to be the unit sales winner during the final two months of 2006.

Semiconductor industry to post record sales result for 2006

While chip manufacturer have not yet confirmed their December 2006 sales figures, it is already certain that the industry has posted yet another year of substantial growth - after moderate and even flat growth had been predicted at the beginning of last year.

YouTube fails to implement copyright identification

Small- to medium-size display shipments reached record high in Q3 06

Shipments of small- to medium-size displays reached around 510 million units in the third quarter of 2006, up 13% on year, led by mobile phones, PDAs, games and multi-function printers (MFPs).