New York mulling anti-violent game legislation

Young-looking New Yorkers will have to show ID to buy violent video games if New York State Representative Keith Wright has his way. Wright has authored State Assembly Bill A00547 which would require anyone appearing to be under 30 years old to show identification to buy a violent or sexually-explicit game. It would also mandate adult only sections in video game stores.

MySpace hit with online predator lawsuits

Four families have sued News Corp, the owner of MySpace, for allegedly not adequately protecting younger users against online predators. The families had five teenage girls from 14 to 15 years old who met MySpace members and were sexually assaulted.

Convicted phisher faces 101 years in prison

The Can-Spam Act of 2003 looks like it has some teeth as an Azusa California man now faces up to 101 years in federal prison after being convicted of phishing. Jeffrey Goodin sent spoofed emails that appeared to be from AOL and asked for credit card and personal information. Goodin then used the information to make fraudulent purchases.

Deadly Wii contest results in firing of 10 radio employees

Local Sacramento radio station KDND has fired the hosts of its morning talk show, along with seven other employees, after an on-air contest to win a Nintendo Wii ended up killing one of the participants.

Apple sells 21.1 million iPods during Christmas quarter

Apple reported yet another strong quarter with record sales results throughout its product portfolio. Driven by strong demand for notebooks, iPods and the iTunes music service, revenues came in at $7.1 billion, which translates into a year-over-year increase of 22%. Apple's profit surged 78% from $565 million top $1.0 billion.

Sony enters CompactFlash market

Sony has announced that they will enter the CompactFlash market. A new line of cards will be announced "shortly" and will be available in the Spring. The cards will between one and four GB of capacity and transfer rates of 66x to 133x.

Core rings Intel's cash registers in Q4

Intel today reported fourth quarter 2006 revenues of $9.7 billion, down about 5% from last year. Net earnings came in at 1.5 billion, down a dramatic 39% from $2.5 billion in Q4 2005. But Intel appears to have turned the corner, shows signs of recovery - thanks to the success of its Core microprocessors.

AT&T buries Cingular

AT&T today announced that it will be folding the name "Cingular" into its own AT&T "iconic" brand starting January 15.

AMD drastically cuts Q4 earnings forecast

AMD cautioned investors that its Q4 2006 earnings will come in "substantially lower than in the third quarter." Fourth quarter revenues are expected to increase about 3% from the $1.33 billion the company reported in Q3 2006.

Spansion snuggles up to Rambus

Rambus said that it has signed with Spansion a five-year patent license agreement.

IBM leads 2006 patent list

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reported a new record of patents granted in 2006. 173,772 patents were issued during the time frame. IBM continued to lead the list for a 14th consecutive year: The company received a total of 3651 new patents.

Cisco sues Apple over "iPhone" trademark infringement

Concerns that Cisco and Apple could clash over the use of the name "iPhone" for Apple's latest product appeared to be off the table yesterday as Cisco was reported to have offered Apple rights to use the name. Today, the situation has changed.

Cisco pushes Apple for permission to use iPhone trademark

The push email is all set. The Multitouch screen has been perfected. But there's still a bit of unfinished business remaining for Apple's new iPhone

Casio sells one billionth electronic calculator

Casio today said that it has sold its one billionth electronic calculator. The firm's first electronic calculator, model 001, went on sale in 1965.

LCD glass substrate prices to continue falling throughout 2007, says Displaysearch

Prices for LCD glass substrates will slowly decline throughout 2007, with a balance situation for substrate supply and demand to persist through the year, according to research firm Displaysearch.

DDR2 prices weaken in H1 January

The first update of DRAM chip prices in the contract market in 2007 shows a rebound in the price of DDR.

DSLRs to drive Compact Flash demand in 2007

Growing demand for digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras is expected to buoy the market for Compact Flash (CF) cards in 2007, according to sources with memory makers.

BenQ shifts focus to LCD products

BenQ has restructured into three business groups, with the company's focus shifted to LCD products from handsets, in the wake of the collapse of BenQ Mobile, according to sources with the company.

XM nears 8 million subscriber mark

Washington (DC) - XM Radio today came forth with premliniary details about its Q4 2006 results, as the leading satellite radio service approaches a milestone of eight million subscribers. Additionally, cash flow from operations during Q4 was positive.

Luxpro wins case against Apple in Taiwan, seeking $100 million in compensation

On the heals of coming out on top against Apple in a in patent infringement case (concerning the iPod shuffle) in Taiwan, Taiwan-based Luxpro has resumed shipping its MP3 players in the local market and the company has filed for $100 million in damage compensation against Apple, according to Luxpro company chairman Fu-Ching Wu (transliterated from Chinese).