Oracle boss buys Hawaiian island

With an asking price of over $500 million, there were never going to be many potential purchasers for the Hawaiian island of Lana'i. But Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of Oracle, has now snapped it up - or almost all of it, at least.

LinkedIn faces lawsuit over security breach

An Illinois woman is launching a class action lawsuit against LinkedIn over the recent security breach which saw millions of passwords stolen.

Facebook buys facial recognition company

After weeks of rumors, Facebook has acquired Israeli facial recognition company, in a move aimed at bolstering the company's mobile capabilities.

'Political' takedown requests increase in US

Google's released data on the governments aiming to censor internet content, and says it's seen a worrying rise in the number of such requests from Western democracies.

Charities net $10 million from Facebook in privacy settlement

Facebook's agreed to pay $10 million to charity as part of a settlement over its Sponsored Stories sidebar.

Microsoft eyes social network purchase

Microsoft's reported to be on the point of buying business social site Yammer for more than $1 billion.

DoJ probes cable companies over 'anti-competitive' data caps

The Department of Justice is launching an investigation into whether cable companies are deliberately manipulating their data caps to inhibit competition from online video.

Nokia cuts thousands of jobs, plans focus on location services

Nokia's slashing 10,000 jobs and closing production and research sites, in an effort to staunch its losses.

Windows 8: A better tablet than Apple or Android?

I’m at TechEd this week, a show that seems to be pointedly warring with Apple's wildly popular WWDC. Obviously, here is a lot trash talk going on between the two events. 

MegaUpload content will not be returned to users

If you want to retrieve the files you thought were safe and secure when you uploaded them to MegaUplad, you may need a lawyer.

Netflix picks up new ABC Family content

Another day, another round of new content for Netflix.

New Apple campus blueprints leaked

Get ready for a massive construction project that's about to hit northern California.

Is Microsoft the best positioned vendor in the tablet market?

Is Microsoft the best positioned vendor in the tablet market? Well, given that Redmond has zero market share, promoting such a prediction would be fairly controversial for any analyst.

APIs can't be copyrighted, says judge in Oracle case

Oracle's intellectual property lawsuit against Google has finally fallen apart completely with a ruling from the judge in the case, William Alsup, that APIs can't be copyrighted.

Netflix forced to delete ex-user rental data

A class-action lawsuit has led to Netflix changing its privacy policy.

Dell XPS One 27: Is it finally time to kiss the mini-tower goodbye?

Ever since the advent of the first Mac, Apple has been arguing that the world wants and needs an all-in-one computer.

RIM's future in doubt as financial warning issued

Research In Motion is set to announce that it's sitting on a pile of unsold Blackberrys worth more than $1 billion.

Facebook eyes for face recognition technology

Israeli media are reporting that Facebook's planning to acquire facial recognition company for tens of millions of dollars.

New Jersey mayor charged with hacking opponents' website

A New Jersey mayor has been arrested for allegedly hacking a website that was calling for him to be recalled.

New bill targets anonymous online comments

Republican legislators in New York state want to ban anonymous comments from the Internet.