Samsung not interested in Blackberry

Samsung is not at all considering a play in the Blackberry market.

Samsung execs fly out to probe child labor claims

Samsung is promising to investigate allegations of child labor at one of its Chinese suppliers.

Judge overturns massive patent penalty against RIM

A Californian judge has overturned a widely-criticized ruling that RIM infringed an Mformation patent.

The strategy of MacOS/iOS vs. Windows 8

Apple and Microsoft are fielding two very different interfaces at the moment, with Cupertino using platform differences to accelerate change.

EA and Zynga trade insults in copyright battle

Electronic Arts is suing Zynga, claiming that Zynga's The Ville violates its copyright.

Better ice cream by Nvidia

No, I’m not talking about a version of Android - I’m actually referring to real ice cream.

Apple v Samsung trial begins; here comes the bloodbath

Get ready, folks. This isn't going to be pretty for anyone.

Apple reportedly eyes Twitter investment

Apple wants to increase its stake in the world of social media.

Twitter bomb joke conviction finally overturned

The British man found guilty of sending a menacing tweet threatening to blow an airport sky-high has had his conviction quashed by the High Court.

Facebook shares hit new low

Facebook's shares have fallen sharply, after the company posted a $157 million loss for the first quarter after its flotation.

New lobbying group draws industry heavyweights

Some of the world's biggest tech companies have joined forces in a new lobbying group aimed at influencing internet regulation.

Please, stop the app madness!!!

It seems like every other commercial you see on TV now includes a line that says "visit us on Facebook or Twitter," and asks you to "download our app for iPad or Android!"

UK faces legal action over spyware sales to brutal regimes

Campaign group Privacy International has launched legal action against the British government for allowing the sale of surveillance technology to repressive regimes.

Apple results disappoint analysts

Despite selling 17 million iPads during the third quarter this year, Apple's missed analysts' estimates for the second time since 2003.

Why I traded my Kindle Fire for a Nexus 7

I’ve been a Kindle user since Amazon's $199 tablet hit the market - and even found myself liking it more than Apple's iPad over the past 6 months.

DoJ defends controversial e-book suit

The Department of Justice has hit out at opponents of its e-book price-fixing case against Apple, saying that they are serving their own self-interest.

Amazon opens new international development center

Amazon's announced plans for a new design and development center in London to focus on global digital media projects.

Report: Comcast to launch 305 Mbps Internet

Comcast is apparently working on a blazing-fast high-speed Internet service.

'Cat signal' marks launch of Internet Defense League

The internet has a new crusader to defend it: the Internet Defense League, which has launched with a fanfare and its own 'laughing cat' version of the bat signal.

Microsoft posts first-ever loss

Microsoft's reported its first ever quarterly loss since floating on the stock market in 1986.