The Problem and Promise of PC+

This year's CES in Las Vegas should see hybrid Android and Windows devices which may be designed to give Microsoft a warning that changes need to be made. But, is this the right way to get Microsoft to wake up to the realities of the post-PC era?

Microsoft and Intel have horrible annuses

"Your shadow at morning striding behind you      Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;      I will show you fear in a handful of dust." TS Eliot, The Wasteland  

Apple and Google buses blocked by protesters

Apple and Google are not as popular with San Francisco residents as they might think.

World is free to Redtube: Viele Spass Germans

The German courts have spoken and saved mankind from the tyranny of fully copyrighted smut that requires payment when freely posted to the Internet for free use by people who are free to then do stuff to it in the privacy of their own love dens.

Swedish pirate sued because of poor quality film

It is bad enough to be fined for distributing an illegal movie torrent, but a Swedish movie pirate found himself fined extra for distributing copy that was poor quality.

Glam rocker tried to be copyright troll: Epic Fail

The lead guitarist for the formerly popular beat combo The Sweet had a crack at being a copyright troll and failed dismally.

Canadian Competition Bureau after Google's Bacon

Yay for the usurpers of the north. Not cowed by Google's success in thwarting the best efforts of the governments of the free world, Canada is going to look real hard whether Google is abusing its search monopoly. 

Adult site Redtube goes all big content: bills Germans $344 a clip

Big Content trolls have issued bills to Germans who visited a porn website and streamed content. 

15 year old worker dies at Apple contractor in Shanghai

The fruity cargo cult Apple has sent a team of doctors to find out how one of its contractors managed to let a 15 year-old employee work for them and then somehow let him die of pneumonia.

Warning on Amazon and online retail this Christmas

I use Amazon religiously for gift giving. In fact, this year I bought gifts for everyone but my wife on Amazon, a practice which has historically worked out well. They show up wrapped and I can do all of my shopping, wrapping, and sending on one day. Yes, it’s rather brilliant.

Google can be made to sweat. Just ask Oracle.

Joking aside, there is nothing to be neutral about when pondering Oracle's attempts to sue Google for copyright infringement on 37 Java APIs. It's got the Open Source community up in arms, but Google may have shot itself in the foot, and the results could end up having a huge impact in the future.

Apple vs. Amazon: Why Amazon Will Win the Real Battle for the Future

Apple and Amazon shouldn’t be competitors, as one is a retailer and the other a hardware manufacturer. In fact, they should be partners - with Amazon selling Apple products.   

Microsoft CEO choice is down to two very different candidates

Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford, and Satya Nadella, President of Microsoft's Server and Tools business, are the last men standing according to sources. They couldn't be any different. Although rumor has it that Mulally could be brought on to groom his successor, who could be Nadella.

Rant against Arial font reverses sex offender designation

A convicted sex offender faces a retrial because a judge in the case did not like the fact he used Arial typeface on letters and said as much on Facebook.

Unusual Holiday Gifts That Keep Folks Healthy and Safe

I've reviewed quite a number of gadgets during 2013. Several stand out as being particularly useful, while some are just a little bit amazing.

Picking a Tablet: There Really Is a Reason for the Choice

As we ramp up to Black Friday this year, I’m up to my armpits in new tablets, so much so that I’m convinced some must be having unprotected sex and making tablet babies. Of course, each tablet has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.  

Wall Street goes insane over Spotify

The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street who created the bubble seem set to do the same thing again.

Apple not getting as much as it wanted from Samsung

A Silicon Valley jury ordered Samsung Electronics to pay Apple $290 million for copying iPhone and iPad features.

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet: Is Lenovo Becoming More Apple than Apple? Is Kutcher the New Jobs?

The first part of this was the question going through my mind when I first unboxed the Lenovo Yoga 10 tablet. You see, historically Apple products were more about design than performance. You could always get a PC that would out perform a Mac but you’d be hard pressed to find a better looking product. 

Senate waters down Patent Reform to appease trolls

US senators once again proved themselves sock-puppets for big US corporate interests by watering down a bill designed to protect innovators from patent trolls.