Samsung vs. Apple: Why Apple is losing to Samsung & Google

There is quite a lot of news this week about Apple’s fight with Samsung in court. Nevertheless, I think the ongoing legal battle obscures a bigger problem. Clearly, Samsung is kicking Apple’s butt in the broad market, albeit with some help from Google. 

How to save money, become magically famous, and change your life with Google Glass!

Today, for one special day, you’ll once again be able to buy, for a measly $1,500, the Alpha product from Google called Google Glass. Most folks get paid to test Alpha products, but you lucky people will get to do it for the cost of a really nice TV.

Understanding the convoluted Windows path: How did it get so screwed up?

Windows XP is now officially obsolete. The OS is a malware magnet, yet Microsoft dropped support for it this month. A lot of folks are, or shortly will be, screwed.

Why your next smartphone might be Windows

Microsoft made some rather interesting improvements to its Windows Phone platform this week, with Nokia showcasing most of them in its new Lumia 630 phone.  

Qualcomm teases amazing changes to smartphones and tablets

I’m at Qualcomm’s analyst briefing this week, an event full of tech goodies that will make you lust after the next cell phone and tablet generations. From magic pens to massively improved sound and connectivity, your next cell phone will likely make your current cell phone look really lame.  

Tesla and Nvidia ignite an automotive revolution

Most of you are probably like me, getting really annoyed when you buy a new car and discover it has a media system that is years behind current technology.  

GDC: Gaming is back with a vengeance!

There are quite a few of us who once thought the GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) was becoming a joke, as the event seemed to be smaller and even less relevant in recent years. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case this year when GDC basically took over all three of San Francisco’s Moscone Center buildings. The result felt more like CES and the GDC of years ago than ever before.   

What will the country of Google look like? Anticipating Google’s next big step

It may sound like a strange idea, yet Google (the company becoming synonymous with evil) employees are supposedly being regularly harassed by San Francisco locals because they are driving housing and rental prices up to unaffordable levels.

Apple moves Siri back into cars with CarPlay

It is probably safe to say that Apple had a fairly easy ride last decade when it came to cars due to the ubiquitous iPod. Similarly, when the iPhone hit the streets, Cupertino was quick to offer the hard wired integration that other phones conspicuously lacked.  

Twitch integration could be a game changer for Xbox One

Xbox One is getting Twitch integration to coincide with the release of the cool looking game Titan Fall (I haven’t played it yet).  

Did Nokia just invent the killer App?

Most of us who write about mobile are constantly searching for the next killer application. You know, that thing that folks just can’t live without. You’d think it would be something useful that would make our lives better, safer, or longer but it is, more often than not, a lot closer to Flappy Birds. 

Can we live in a world where machines are smarter than we are?

I participated in a deep dive on IBM’s Watson earlier this week and walked away realizing in a few short years there will be machines in the world that are far smarter than we are.  

Dell’s partnership with Google grows, affordable group video conferencing gets closer

Today, Dell announced that it will be bolstering the company's relationship with Google and launching a Chrome-based video conferencing solution targeted at businesses.  

Is Satya Nadella the next CEO of Microsoft?

Senior Microsoft executive Satya Nadella would replace Steve Ballmer as Microsoft CEO, two media reports said today, citing sources familiar with the processes of selecting the new leader at the Redmond-based company.

Living with Qualcomm's Toq Smartwatch: A Lot to Love

I’ve just finished spending some serious quality time with Qualcomm's flagship Toq Smartwatch. The verdict? For a product that is basically a hardware showcase, well, there really is a lot to love.  

Why image is everything: Steve Ballmer isn’t the problem at Microsoft

Microsoft recently reported very strong earnings, beating the street on the top and bottom lines (revenue and profit) with strong performance with both consumer (Xbox) and Corporate products. 

The maker of Candy Crush is doing evil with patent trolling

The recent news that, the marker of Candy Crush Saga, has trademarked the word "candy," and is aggressively pursuing perceived violaters, is kind of douche-y. One small, independent developer may have seen it coming a few years ago. 

Making always-connected PCs and tablets less painful

Wouldn’t it be great to just turn on your tablet and have the device instantly connect to a network wherever you are? 

AMD’s Surround House imagines the future and trumps the now obsolete home theater

One of the more interesting presentations at CES 2014 was AMD’s Surround House 2.   This was a continuation of last year’s project which put viewers in a room with flat panel windows in the midst of a kidnapping gone wrong.  

The Weird Cool Stuff At CES 2014 That’ll Break The Bank

There were some obvious things that I have to have like the Seiki 4K 65” TV with HD up converting for around $2,000 . But, there were tons of unusual products that seemed to be working to drain my wallet even more quickly ranging from cars to home security systems.  Let’s talk about some of the ones I’ll likely buy.