Analyst opinion: Is Apple lying?

Coinciding with the Vista launch, Apple had placed a well done campaign to disparage Windows and showcase the Mac. Bill Gates, uncharacteristically, reacted by calling Steve Jobs a liar.

Google + YouTube: Really smart or truly insane?

One thousand six hundred and fifty million dollars. With that, you could buy the latest US nuclear powered aircraft carrier and have $250 million left over to fuel and staff it. You could hire 16,500 people and pay them each $100,000 to work for you for a year. Or, you could have bought YouTube, which employs 65 people.

A Perspective on the HP Witch Hunt

Last week the news broke at HP about an investigation into a board leak at that company which may have been done improperly. In looking into this, I personally think this is an attempt to cover up what the big problem was and to misuse political influence. Since I'm writing this on September 11th, I'm very sensitive to the whole concept of cover your ass politics right now and feel it is worth while to provide what I think is a clearer perspective on the HP problem which, I think, has more to do with a misguided power play on HP's board than anything else right now.

Where Intel went wrong with layoffs - analyst opinion

This week Intel announced they were going to layoff over 10,000 workers and, strangely enough, the stock market reacted negatively to this news. This may have been one of the biggest blunders for a company having a great deal of difficulty this year.

How ATI fits into AMD's Intel beating strategy - analyst opinion

A bunch of us spent last weekend at NASCAR and watched a car, number 48, which was effectively out of the race early on with a flat tire and a three lap disadvantage, do the impossible and win that race. If someone had asked me to bet on number 48 at the time of the flat I would have told them they were crazy, the guy had absolutely no chance of winning. But, in hind sight, any other bet would have been a losing one.

Second Hand Smoke: Asus/Gigabyte Merger Squeezes Enthusiasm

It sounds like a joint-venture, but in the highly incestuous world of Taiwanese business affairs it is more of a merger. Asus is going to supply mobos and graphics cards under the Gigabyte brand, and will more than likely spin-off its own branded products in this category, as well.

Second Hand Smoke: PC Magazine's Sad Decline

PC Magazine is one of those great publications that made millions of people comfortable with computers. The magazine introduced people to what once was a geeky topic for a few and eventually became a mass market phenomenon in a short period of time.

Console gamers paying for promotional materials, PC users make faces

The console makers are on to a winner with these so called "micro transactions", providing relatively cheap add on content for games via digital download. Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace is the first example we've seen get released into the wild, with people buying credit (and that's a critical part of the equation) to spend on items ranging from wallpapers to customize their consoles; to add on maps and extra items for games.

Kingston VP: DRAM prices to be stable through year-end

Kingston Technology vice president David Sun said yesterday that prices for standard DRAM will not go down further through the end of the year due to slow growth on the supply side amid memory makers' expansion in their flash and niche DRAM production.