An inside opinion of the wacky Vista Capable class action lawsuit

Analyst Opinion - Outside of Boston Legal, this litigation is one of the most twisted ones I can recall.  I have had a fascination with litigation for years, particular for those lawsuits that seem kind of upside down. Recently, my emails got subpoenaed in this specific case, which prompted me to pick up this topic and provide an opinion from someone who was in a somewhat unique position when this whole Vista Capable drama unfolded.

What if … you had to play a simulation game before you could run for office?

Analyst Opinion - In computer games, we have one-word terms that are taken for multi-word definitions. For example, if I said simulation what would you think of? Probably you would think of a game that requires you to use a strategy to simulate an aspect of reality but your actions would be mitigated by the sim engine’s rules, as is done in a life game, geo-political, geological, or in a stock exchange game. How far can you take simulations and do they apply to the aspects of real life?

Comparing Apple to the largest PC company we never talk about

Analyst Opinion - Acer, after acquiring Gateway and through Gateway Packard Bell, is now world’s third largest PC company.  I have been at their press and analyst event this week analyst event in New York and I am somewhat surprised that, given how big these guys are, we don’t talk about them more often.    They just announced one of the most attractive notebook lines I’ve ever seen and I can’t resist comparing them to Apple.

What if Google did video games?

Analyst Opinion - The gaming market is in a real mess right now. We have 4 active game systems the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox 360, the PS3, and, not to forget, the PS2, which outsold all of the others last year. On the PC side, we have Windows XP games, Windows Vista Games, Flash-based games, and some folks are still porting to the Mac.

AMD: To merge or not to merge?

TG Daily In Depth - The past 19 months certainly haven't been easy for the green team from Sunnyvale. Lately, we have seen persistent rumors that AMD has become an acquisition target, leading us to look a bit closer into what's really going on. To merge or not to merge, that is the question.

Why market share is so important for AMD

Analyst Opinion - Dell’s announcement that it basically is dropping AMD from its direct sales site got me scratching my head? Was this part of a plan to drive AMD’s stock price down to make it a more attractive acquisition target? Conspiracy theories were popping up everywhere, but before I even suggested such a thing I figured I’d better talk to a few folks. Turns out it is all about market share.

The merger dance: Microsoft or Google+Yahoo?

Analyst Opinion - This should be an interesting dance: Google was gaining near monopoly power over ad revenue and both Yahoo and Microsoft were having trouble blocking them from becoming the most powerful company on the web. In fact, we likely could argue that since Google is at the center of most searches, they already are the most powerful company on the web as they, effectively, are the gate keeper for most everyone else.

Apple knows how to inspire, innovate

Opinion - Everyone "in the know" already knew most of what we would see during today's Steve Jobs keynote, and yet it will still probably be one of the great moments of 2008.

UPDATE: Who wants to buy AMD?

Opinion - AMD's purchase price is decreasing rapidly.  Another opportune time to buy up AMD for a song may be headed our way in the very near future.  Can AMD's promise of a return to profitibility in the second half of 2008 stave off a buyout?

Why Dell’s World of Warcraft PC and Best Buy strategy make sense

Analyst Opinion - Sometimes vendors do something outrageous, so outrageous that you have to stop for a moment and recognize that this doesn’t happen very often. I’m not talking about the World of Warcraft laptop, but about Dell opening the doors to Best Buy.

Can 24 songs be worth $222,000?

Opinion - By now you have probably heard it: The RIAA scored a big win in the first tried music file-sharing case: The music industry was awarded a stunning $222,000 or $9250 for each song covered by the suit. In what will forever be etched as a landmark case in intellectual property rights, we are scratching our heads over this one and there seems to be a sour taste left in the mouth of justice.

What if you were Steve Jobs?

Opinion - I have been wondering about this question pretty much ever since I listened to my first Steve Jobs keynote almost ten years ago. It is fascinating to watch Jobs and listen how he turns a product you normally wouldn't pay attention to into something you believe you can't live without. Often, Jobs has to walk on thin ice and take chances, like yesterday and today. How far do you think he can go?

Is Virgin America too geeky for passengers and flight attendants?

Opinion - Well it didn’t take long for the fairy tale honeymoon debut of Virgin America to wear off.

AMD’s four-three strategy to beat Intel

Analyst Opinion - Rob Enderle discusses the bottom line AMD's recent technology analyst conference and AMD's plan to move forward with its own products and in the competition with Intel. Get some food for thought on AMD's latest battle plan against its rival.>> In Pictures: AMD's updated processor roadmap (July 2007) 

Sony needs to capture its past for success in the future

Opinion - Sony today posted a massive quarterly loss on its video game unit, while Nielsen found that gamers are still enthused by the Playstation 2. The PS3 has certainly set off on the wrong path.

No people lining up in front of AT&T stores

Opinion – One week to go for the iPhone, and at least so far, there aren’t any tent cities forming in front of AT&T and Apple stores in my neighborhood. If you are caught among the hype and the doubt of Apple’s iPhone, here’s a very subjective reality check on what to expect when the phone goes on sale. 

Analyst opinion: Will Steve Jobs have to leave Apple?

The stock option mess at Apple is on track to become a neverending story with potentially dramatic effects. Let’s have a closer look: What are the current implications? Will Steve Jobs remain in charge or will he have to quit?

HP exits MCE business, continues with Apple inspired line - analyst opinion

Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced that it will be exiting the dedicated Media Center Edition (MCE) business – surprising news since the company was the clear leader in boxes built for this purpose.  HP follows Gateway who exited some time ago and leave behind a struggling Sony and Alienware, which probably is the only major vendor (they are owned by Dell) to actually come close to getting the Media Center right. 

Opinion: Is Intel copying AMD?

You can’t tell me you haven’t asked this question yourself: Why exactly is Intel coming along right now with an integrated memory controller idea? And why is it that Intel now plans to put graphics capability into the CPU. Does AMD innovate and Intel has begun to follow? Here’s some food for thought.

Conquering the cellphone market won’t be a walk in the park for Apple – analyst opinion

As Apple is preparing to launch its first cellphone, it is increasingly becoming clear that established manufacturers aren’t willing to give up their market shares without a fight: We already have seen several announcements of iPhone-like devices and 3GSM, showed more promising models. Do we already have an iPhone killer?