Quanta to begin production of $100 notebooks in Q1 2007

Taiwanese computer manufacturer Quanta said that it will start producing $100 notebooks as part of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) initiative in the first quarter of next year, according to a report published by Digitimes. Earlier reports had speculated that production may already begin in October of this year.

Discounted AMD dual-cores flirt with Intel price/performance, except FX-62

Sunnyvale (CA) - Street prices for the bottom three of AMD's five dual-core processors remaining in production fell near or below the numbers projected by the modified price/performance curve set by their Intel counterparts, based on the latest data from PriceGrabber and Froogle. However, street prices for the two Socket AM2 processors at the top of the line - the Athlon FX-62 and the Athlon 64 X2 5000+ - remain well above the curve.

ATI loses bus license from Intel

Following the rumors about a possible merger between AMD an ATI, Intel apparently pulled ATI's bus license. According to a brief article posted by the Inquirer just before the AMD/ATI news was announced, Intel may take taken this action already a few days ago.

UPDATE: AMD acquires ATI for $5.4 billion

Sunnyvale (CA) and Markham (ON) - AMD bets $5.4 billion on its future: The company today announced that it will acquire ATI to "fight against the monopoly" and to create application specific platforms in the commercial, mobile and consumer electronics segments. AMD also said that, within two years, the company wants to offer processors that integrate graphics functionality.

AMD expected to announce ATI acquisition/merger on Monday, 8 am EST

AMD has informed analysts and journalists that chairman and chief executive officer Hector Ruiz and chief financial officer Bob Rivet will make a "significant corporate announcement" on Monday, July 24 at 8 am EST. While the company declined to provide details about this "announcement" on Sunday, it is widely believed that AMD will confirm its acquisition/merger plans of chipset and graphics chip company ATI.

AMD drops desktop processor prices by 47%

Sunnyvale (CA) - As expected, AMD rings in the next round of the processor price battle with Intel. In an effort to remain competitive, the company today slashed the prices of all desktop processors. In the strategically important field of socket AM2 CPUs, the drop averaged 47% - which may not be enough to retain overall price/performance leadership, according to TG Daily findings.

AMD to swallow ATI for $5.6 billion?

Rumors about an upcoming Amd bid to acquire chipset company and grphics chip develop AMD have resurfaced on Friday. According to media reports, AMD could make a friendly offer as early as next week.

Xbox 360 loses money for Microsoft, but SQL Server makes it up

The cost of producing Xbox 360s in the quantities necessary to sustain demand rose by $1.64 billion over the past 12 months, and $682 million during Microsoft's fiscal fourth quarter alone, the company reported yesterday afternoon.

DRAM company Qimonda to raise up to $750 million in IPO

Qimonda, the spun off DRAM arm of Infineon, announced that it has filed for an initial public offering (IPO) on the the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Dell warns of lower revenue in Q2, blames PC market slowdown

Nearly four weeks prior to issuing its fiscal Q2 quarterly report, Dell has already warned of a likely revenue and earnings slowdown, with growth flattening if not taking a slight downturn.

Google's quarterly report continues to astound with 77% revenue growth

For its fiscal second quarter, Google reported earnings of $2.46 billion, up 77% on an annual basis, with operating income of $815 million.

Intel executive shuffle will enable 'adjustment' to UMPC, says Manetta

Santa Clara (CA) - In an interview this afternoon with TG Daily, Intel spokesperson Robert I. Manetta said one of the objectives of today's senior executive and general managerial shuffle, announced this morning, was to enable a seasoned, experience executive the chance to take the helm of the company's ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) project, with the intention of "creating the product," perhaps all over again.

Price war with Intel takes its toll on AMD

Sunnyvale (CA) - Despite its recent avalanche of design wins and market share gains, AMD appears to be vulnerable to changing market environments. For the first quarter of this year, the company reported a sequential decline in revenues and operating income. But thanks to its Opteron processor and compared to last year, AMD still holds a strong position in the microprocessor market.

AMD dual-core price drop must approach 51% to compete with Intel

UPDATE 20 July 2006 5:30 pm ET Round Rock (TX) - For AMD's planned price drop for its dual-core processors to enable the company to regain its aggressive price/performance competitive position against Intel as it has promised, the company would have to reduce its existing Athlon 64 X2 and Athlon FX prices by between 38% and 56% for its various models, with cuts averaging about 51%.

Cellphone sales estimated to touch 1 billion this year

Cellphone manufacturers have posted yet another successful quarter. According to an IDC report released today, Nokia & Co. shipped 237.8 million phones in Q2, which represents a 2.1% increase over Q1 and a whopping 22.5% increase over Q2 of last year.

First details of Intel reorganization show management positions excised

UPDATE 12:00 pm ET 20 July 2006 Santa Clara (CA) - Intel has confirmed this morning that Sean Maloney, currently one of Intel's co-general managers, has been anointed with the newly constructed title of "chief sales and marketing officer" when the company announces its complete reorganization plan, perhaps during its third quarter financial guidance call. Maloney's co-general managers, Anand Chandrasekher and Eric Kim, are being repositioned to lead the UMPC and Digital Home groups, respectively. The changes are effective immediately.

Apple credits Mac for a stellar quarter as Ipod sales growth moderates

Apple Computer started focusing on the "Computer" part of its name during its fiscal third quarter 2006 earnings call this afternoon, reporting quarterly profit up 47% annually to $472 million from $320 million. Revenue was up 24% over the fiscal third quarter of 2005, to $4.37 billion - about 54¢ per share - and Macintosh accounts for more than half the reason, executives said today.

Intel's profit drops 57%

Intel today reported sales $8.0 billion and a net income of $885 million for the second quarter of this year. Compared to the second quarter of last year, revenue is down 13% from $9.2 billion, while the firm's profit dropped 57% from $2.0 billion.

Seagate extends lead in hard drive market

espite a slight sequential decline in overall hard drive shipments in the first quarter of this year, Seagate managed to post solid gains and an increased market share, which now stands at 29%, according to market research firm iSuppli. Count in Maxtor's shipments, which Seagate recently acquired, and the company shipped four out of ten hard drives in the Q1.

"Nothing off the table" - Intel on job cuts

Last week Intel announced that it would lay off 1,000 managers, but its job cutting may not be over. Donald MacDonald, vice president and general manager, told Ben Ames of IDG that the company is looking to cut some more redundant positions and added that, "Nothing is off the table."