Google sees slight drop in search market share

Yahoo was able to substantially increase its search market share during July, while Google saw its share dropping for the first in several months, according to a report released by market research firm Nielsen Netratings.

AOL CTO resigns in wake of search privacy scandal

UPDATE 22 August 2006 10:30 am ET New York (NY) - AOL confirmed this morning that its chief technology officer, Maureen Govern, has resigned, along with two other senior staff members in the technology research department. The departures follow news that the company provided public access to private search information on as many as 658,000 AOL users who thought their searches were anonymous.

Judge blocks order to shut down 4 million Echostar DVRs

A federal appeals court temporarily blocked an earlier ruling of an U.S. District Court judge in Texas that would have given Echostar Communications, better known as the operator of the Dish Network, to shut down its service to more than four million DVR devices and pay $89.6 million in damages to Tivo, which sued Echostar in 2004 for patent infringement.

Add Dell to the growing list of companies facing SEC probe

During today's quarterly conference call for Q2 fiscal 2007 financial results, Dell Computer Chief Financial Officer Jim Schneider admitted his company received a notice in August 2005 from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, regarding what he says regards reporting of Dell's earnings prior to fiscal 2006.

Dell reports 51% earnings drop

Dell experienced another tough quarters, in which the company was able to slightly increase its sales, but faced a sharp decline in net earnings. Revenues of $14.1 billion represented a 5% increase over Q2 of last year, but profits dropped about 51% from $1.02 billion to $502 million the same time frame. "Aggressive" pricing in a "slower" market resulted in a record market share of 19.3% but also "in operating income which was lower than its May expectations on similar revenue," Dell said in a press release.

UPDATE 2: Dell to ship AMD-based desktop PCs in September

Round Rock (TX) - Confirming earlier rumors about a possible extension of the business relationship with AMD, Dell announced today that it will be building AMD processors into its "Dimension" desktop computers and 2P server products. Chief executive Kevin Rollins hinted that AMD will not only fill a gap in Dell's portfolio, but will also be a tool to convince Intel to drop its prices.

HP's fiscal Q3 profits surge to $1.4 billion

Hewlett-Packard (HP) delivered a solid fiscal third quarter with revenues climbing 5% to $21.9 billion year over year.

Yankee says Sony will sell 30 million PS3 consoles within five years

As we are getting closer to the release of Sony's and Nintendo's third-generation game consoles, more market research firms are releasing their sales forecasts.

Dell recalls 4.1 million notebook batteries

Austin (TX) - After several reports of self-combusting laptops, Dell is recalling millions of lithium-ion batteries. More than 4.1 million batteries for the Dell Latitude, Inspiron and Precision notebooks are being recalled. The batteries were made by Sony and were sold between April 2004 and July 18, 2006.

Why does AOL need another IM platform provider?

UPDATE 14 August 2006 4:30 pm ET Dulles (VA) - While it's clear that AOL has been undertaking a serious attempt to rebuild its waning image, among both professional and consumer clients, today's announced acquisition of a small builder of business instant messaging deployment tools called Userplane has investors and consumers both asking questions today.

Apple, Nvidia face the wrath of the SEC after bad options news

This morning, MarketWatch reports Apple Computer has received a warning letter from the NASDAQ exchange advising the company it faces possible delisting from its list of traded stock issues, if it delays its filing of a quarterly report much further.

Backdated stock option grants force Apple to delay quarter report

Apple officially confirmed in a Friday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it will be delaying the filing of its Q2 report, which covers the financial period from 1 April to 30 June.

Nvidia next to review stock option practices

The list of companies that are reviewing stock option grants continues to grow. Next in line is Nvidia which announced during its second quarter earnings conference call that "the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors is conducting a voluntary review of the Company's stock option practices covering the time from the Company's initial public offering in 1999 through the current fiscal year."

Viacom's MTV Networks acquires net content producer Atom Entertainment

In a deal that's keeping MTV Networks in the news, the Viacom division is purchasing Web video and gaming content provider Atom Entertainment - itself the parent company of - for the tidy sum of $200 million.

Intel sells media and signaling business to Eicon

Intel today announced that it will transfer its media and signaling business division to Eicon Networks.

Rocky start for Qimonda IPO on New York exchange

The next stage of Infineon Technologies' spinoff of its memory division, Qimonda, got under way this morning on schedule, but not with all guns blazing, in analysts' view.

Lack of licensing revenue puts Transmeta back in the red

Transmeta exceeded its previously provided guidance for its second quarter with revenues of $9.3 million and a net loss of about $8.5 million.

Seagate ships 119 million hard drives in fiscal 2006

A rapidly growing demand for more storage capacity is pushing the hard drive industry into a period of significant growth. Leading the pace is Seagate, which said that it sold more than 119 million hard drives in the past 12 months.

How will the MySpace / Google deal affect Internet traffic?

It was just one year ago that News Corp. purchased the company that launched MySpace, by far the Internet's most successful experiment in social networking. Since that time, its traffic has almost quadrupled, eclipsing even that of Google. So when Google signed an agreement to become MySpace's search provider - paying for the right to do so - did it really land a big fish? Or is Google the one with the hook in its mouth?

Asustek, Gigabyte announce motherboard joint venture

In an environment of increasing competitive pressure, two of Taiwan's Tier 1 motherboard manufacturers have decided to merge their businesses. Asustek and Gigabyte today announced a joint venture that will be developing, manufacturing and marketing motherboards and graphics cards under the Gigabyte brand.