PayPal reaches legal settlements, to pay millions

PayPal has agreed to settle on claims brought forth by more than half of the states in the U.S. The online payment site also announced that it has reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit filed last year.

U.S. court rules against Morpheus

In yet another legal victory for the RIAA against P2P networks, a national court case was closed yesterday as U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson ruled that Morpheus's parent company, StreamCast Networks, is guilty of massive copyright infringement.

Buena Vista acquires UK game studio Climax racing

Buena Vista Games, the video game division of Disney, today announced that it has purchased the UK development studio Climax Racing. According to Buena Vista, this will be company s first game studio in Europe, and the third in the world.

Vivendi Games acquires Secret Lair and Studio Ch'in

Video game publisher Vivendi Games today announced that they have purchased two new development studios, Secret Lair Studios and Studio Ch'in. The acquisition adds to Vivendi's portfolio of six development companies worldwide.

HP general counsel resigns in board scandal

HP today announced that general counsel Ann Baskins has resigned from the company, effective immediately. Baskins was indicated by Mike Holston of law firm Morgan Lewis, which leads the internal investigation in the HP board leak and investigation scandal, to have been a central figure with comprehensive knowledge of the questionable investigation practices applied by HP and an external company.

Microsoft, Peter Jackson to create game studio

Microsoft's video games could get much more Hollywood excitement and drama as the company today announced that it will create Wingnut, a new game studio in cooperation with Academy award winning writer, director, and producer Peter Jackson as well as Academy Award-winning screenwriter Fran Walsh.

Microsoft sues creator of media player DRM crack

Microsoft has officially filed a federal lawsuit against the hacker, known by the pseudonym "Viodentia", who developed a software patch that allowed users to remove the Digital Rights Media (DRM) code from the Windows Media Player application.

AOL users sue over personal data leak

In a response to the controversial leak of the search records of AOL members, three individuals are seeking national class-action status for the suit. According to their lawyers, this is the first such lawsuit against AOL concerning this issue.

Tom's Hardware is 10 Years Old Today

Today, Tom's Hardware Guide turns ten years old. Over the years, the site has gone from being a simple hobbyist site for hardware enthusiasts to a media business that reaches out across the globe, appearing in 11 languages, on three continents, and reaching an audience of over 10 million unique visitors a month.

Mark Hurd named HP chairman, Dunn to leave earlier than expected

HP's boardroom scandal reached a new level on Friday when chief executive officer Mark Hurd was named chairman, replacing Patricia Dunn three months earlier than originally announced. A counseling law firm also confirmed that Hurd was aware of parts of the investigation, which included an email tracer, the search of phone records and the surveillance of individuals.

Details about upcoming Ubisoft titles leaked to the net

Ubisoft, the company behind video game franchises such as Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell, deals with a leak that revealed details such as images of virtually every upcoming major title to the Internet. The incident included information about unannounced games such as Farcry 2, Prince of Persia 4, and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

New board scandal details prompt HP to become proactive

Several new details surrounding HP's boardroom leak scandal were made public on Thursday and upgraded the investigation into what the Associated Press called a "new weirdness level": CEO Mark Hurd is suspected to have approved a spying campaign against a reporter, to extract details about the origins of a leak. HP reacted and said it plans to brief the press on Friday.

Yahoo may acquire Facebook - WSJ

Yahoo apparently is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire social network directory Facebook.

NASDAQ informs Dell of potential delisting

Dell today said that NASDAQ informed the company of a potential delisting, pending a decision by the qualifications panel of the trading organization. The letter is part of a standard procedure of NASDAQ that followed Dell's decision to delay the filing of its Form 10-Q for the quarter ended 4 August of this year. Dell stated that it is currently unable to file the form, because of "questions raised in connection with an informal investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) into certain accounting and financial reporting matters."

T-Mobile invests $4.2 billion in 3G

T-Mobile has won the federal government auction for additional radio-wave spectrum. T-Mobile's winning bids totaled nearly $4.2 billion and will allow the company to increase its coverage area to Los Angeles, New York, and other major cities as well as other scattered areas throughout the country. Most importantly, T-Mobile now can build a solid 3G network in the U.S.

Desktop graphics market worth more than $23 billion - JPR

Market research firm Jon Peddie Research (JPR) today said that the desktop PC graphics market has reached a volume of $5.88 billion in the second quarter of this year.

New Ipod Nano could bump Apple's profit margin by 20%

El Segundo (CA) - The new Ipod Nanos may offer twice the memory capacity for the price of their respective predecessors at launch, but don't think Apple is giving away anything for free: According to a teardown analysis conducted by Isuppli, Apple fine-tuned the layout and components of the player and is able to build the 4 GB model for less money than the original 2 GB version.

Warner patents Blu-ray/HD DVD hybrid disc

The battle for high-definition disc dominance has made few ripples in the non-videophile population. Still, most of the big movie studios have pledged support for either Blu-ray or HD DVD, and a few, like Warner Bros, have begun to release movies on both formats.

Motorola buys Symbol Technologies

Schaumburg (IL) - Motorola and Symbol Technologies today announced that they have merged in an arrangement that Motorola says will help its business strategy of seamless mobile integration. The acquisition, which costs Motorola $15 per share of Symbol stock, is expected to be finalized by the early part of 2007.

Amazon launches CD on demand service

CustomFlix, the company behind's flagship DVD on demand store, today announced an expansion of its partnership with Amazon with a music CD on demand service. Independent artists will be able to upload their music and sell custom CDs to millions of customers.