$32 billion forecasted for online holiday sales

Jupiter Research today released its traditional sales forecast for this year's major holiday shopping season. According to the forecast, online holiday retail sales will climb to $32 billion, up 18% over 2005. The research firm predicts a record number of online purchasers this year.

NEC ships hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD chip

Undecided on whether you should buy a Blu-ray or HD DVD player? NEC wants to simplify that decision and has begun shipping a hybrid chip capable of playing back both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats. According to Reuters, the chips will sell for around $84 each.

UPDATE 2: Google to acquire YouTube in $1.65 billion deal

Mountain View (CA) - Google confirmed speculations and announced that it will acquire YouTube in an all-stock deal valued at $1.65 billion. The deal, announced shortly after market close on Monday, aims to combine "one of the largest and fastest growing online video entertainment communities" with Google's "expertise in organizing information and creating new models for advertising on the Internet."

80% of IT investments dead money, says Gartner

The lion's share of investments into IT is not contributing to an organization's growth, according to a report released today by Gartner. The market research firm claims that eight out of ten dollars that companies spend on IT is "dead money".

AT&T receives telecom licenses in India

India has granted AT&T as first foreign carrier of the country several licenses to provide national long distance and international long distance phone services to global and India-headquartered companies.

Windows XP Starter Edition passes 1 million mark

Microsoft today announced that sales of Windows XP Starter Edition, the company's entry-level computer operating system that's been aggressively promoted to "emerging markets" around the world, have recently passed the one million unit milestone.

Google to stream free music videos from Sony BMG, WMG

Google today announced that it will begin offering free music video streams from the catalogs of Sony BMG and Warner (WMG). Advertising will create another opportunity for the parties to monetize content, which is also planned to be made available to website owners who participate in Google's Ad-sense network.

Google subpoenas Yahoo, others in copyright suits

According to a media reports, Google is planning to subpoena Yahoo, Microsoft, and Amazon for documents pertaining to the copyright infringement suit brought against Google over its book-scanning project.

MySpace acquisition a $20 billion fraud?

Brad Greenspan, one of the original founders of the MySpace universe, published a report that claims that News Corp.'s 2005 acquisition of MySpace may have defrauded shareholders by "more than $20 billion." Greenspan has requested further investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance.

Apple confirms stock option grant concerns, board member resigns

Cupertino (CA) - Apple today reported the results of a three-month-long investigation into stock option grants to employees. While the company found "no misconduct" of any member of the current management team, Apple confirmed 15 questionable grants in January 2002 and earlier. Former CFO Fred Anderson resigned from the firm's board following the announcement.

Analysis: VoodooPC - Why so little could mean so much for HP

  Chicago (IL) - HP's recent purchase of boutique PC builder VoodooPC has taken many by surprise. HP's PC division and Voodoo couldn't be more different and couldn't be less complementary. TG Daily talked to Voodoo's founders, HP and other custom PC builders to find out more - and found that HP has bought itself a Formula 1 team, that could lead the way to an immense payoff.

AMD-ATI merger receives clearance in Taiwan

AMD today said that it was received clearance from Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission of Taiwan to acquire graphics chip maker ATI. The acquisition still remains subject to the approval of ATI shareholders, court approval of the plan of arrangement, approval by the Minister of Industry under the Investment Canada Act and other customary closing conditions. AMD expects to finalize the deal within this month.

Growing antitrust concerns over Vista in Europe

The included encryption and handwriting features in the upcoming Windows Vista operating system are giving European antitrust officials in Brussels some heartburn. Several small European software vendors believe the features could give Microsoft a monopoly and render their products uncompetitive.

Toshiba sells one million perpendicular hard drives

Toshiba today said that it has shipped more than one million perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) HDDs since June 2005, more than 40 million Ipod-sized 1.8" hard disk drives over the past six years as well as more than four million 2.5" drives for automobiles.

EA acquires Battlefield developer

Electronic Arts today announced a deal to acquire game developer Digital Illusions CE. Effective immediately, the acuisition brings the creators of the Battlefield series under full ownership of EA.

Apple, SecureWorks force Macbook hackers to cancel Wi-Fi exploit talk

San Diego (CA) - The anticipated showdown between Macbook Wi-Fi hackers and Apple has failed to materialize. David Maynor and Johnny "Cache" Ellch cancelled their scheduled talk at the Toorcon computer security convention in San Diego. The pairs was supposed to fully demonstrate the hack, but Maynor didn't take the flight to San Diego, while Ellch just gave a brief statement to convention attendees.

Online holiday shopping to skyrocket

A holiday shopping forecast predicted by The Performics 50, a self-titled representative index of online search advertising, states that fourth quarter 2006 online sales will eclipse those of last year by more than 50%.

Update: HP acquires enthusiast PC maker VoodooPC

Palo Alto (CA) - Hewlett-Packard is buying its way into the high-end PC market: Rather than establishing its own brand, the company decided to swallow VoodooPC, one of the larger enthusiast PC brands in the U.S. The deal comes about half a year after Dell's acquisition of Alienware.

Second largest system builder in China to offer AMD PCs

Founder Technology, China's second largest PC provider and the seventh largest desktop PC company worldwide, today said that it will begin offering AMD-based desktop systems in early October.

HP's standards were disregarded, says Hurd

In a testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Hewlett-Packard chief executive officer Mark Hurd said that HP's " adherence to standards of ethics, privacy and corporate responsibility" were "were disregarded by people inside the company and by people outside the company whom [HP] hired." According to Hurd, the people investigating the board leaks to media "became so focused on finding the source of the leaks that they lost sight of the privacy of reporters and others."