IBM sues over use of key web applications

IBM today announced that it has filed two lawsuits against, which claim that the web retailer infringes on at least five patents that relate to the core of interactive services Amazon provides its users today.

McAfee unhappy with Microsoft's Vista adjustments

McAfee today issued an official statement as reaction to Microsoft's recently announced adjustments in its upcoming Windows Vista operating system. Christopher Thomas partner at law firm Lovells, which currently acts as legal counsel for McAfee in Brussels, raised concerns that Microsoft may not be doing enough to match the concessions made last week.

Mobile phone shipments keep growing on a fast pace

Cellphone manufacturers are well on track to break the 1-billion barrier in unit sales this year. According to a report released by IDC, third quarter sales were up 21.0% year-over-year.

Battery recall estimated to cost Sony at least $430 million

Tokyo (Japan) - Trying to put an end to the guessing game as to how many more laptops will be added to the battery recall tally, Sony today revealed more details about the total impact from the massive, multi-million dollar recall. The electronics giant believes that the final count of affected laptops will reach 9.6 million, which is a a significant increase from the last official number of around 8 million.

Logitech swallows Slim Devices

Logitech today announced that it has acquired Slim Devices, which develops and sells the music streaming devices Squeezebox and Transporter, for $20 million in cash.

An unexpected surprise for AMD: Turion sales surge

AMD delivered a solid Q3 result, but the company wasn't completely happy with its performance. The transition to DDR2 memory, the introduction of its Rev F Opterons as well as the preparation of 65 nm processors created challenges, which the company said may have impacted its profitability during the quarter.

Apple sells 39 million Ipods in 12 months

In its preliminary fiscal fourth quarter result, Apple said that it sold about 8.73 million Ipods in the most recent quarter and more than 39 million devices over the fiscal year.

AMD Q3 revenues increase, profits decline

Considering the dramatic price decreases of its desktop processors over the past three months, AMD delivered a solid third quarter result.

More than 16.5 square miles of flat panels produced in 2006

Flat panel display (FPD) makers will shatter several new records in 2006, as the industry continues to grow rapidly. Driven by the TV segment, production output is expected to grow 12% to 3.6 billion panels and revenues are estimated to climb 13% to more than $84 billion.

IFPI files 8000 music piracy lawsuits

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) said that it has filed 8000 new lawsuits to Internet users in 17 countries across the globe, including Brazil, Mexico, and Poland, all three of which have previously never incurred these kinds of anti-piracy lawsuits.

Intel Q3 profits take a 35% hit

The successful introduction of Intel's Core microarchitecture wasn't enough to save the company's third quarter result. Compared to the same period of 2005, revenues were down about 12% from $9.7 billion to $8.7 billion, while profits dropped almost 35% from $2.0 billion to $1.3 billion.

IBM profits jump 54% - UPDATE

IBM today announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2006. Diluted earnings per share are now $1.45, a 54% jump from the same time last year. Income from continuing operations for the third quarter was $2.2 billion, another jump from the $1.5 billion over the same period in 2005.

Universal goes against another video sharing site

In a bid to expand its position on copyright infringement, Universal Music Group announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against Grouper and for allowing users to post videos to which Universal owns the copyrights.

Yahoo and CBS partner up to offer local video news online

Yahoo has agreed to syndicate local news broadcasts from 16 CBS owned stations. Many of the stations are in large media markets, including New York and Los Angeles. Yahoo News users will be able to view from 10 to 20 video stories per day from each market. Yahoo will also include links to the station's website.

RIAA gives allegedly phony rap to innocent man

In yet another wave of suits filed against illegal music downloaders, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed a suit against various people in the Northern district of Illinois. However, one man seems to have gotten caught in the pirating web for no reason - and was able to convince the RIAA to withdraw the suit.

Nintendo to grow DS sales to 20 million this year

Even without the launch of the Wii, Nintendo will have a good shot at becoming the most successful video game hardware company this year.

Judge "bullies" Grand Theft Auto maker

Days before the controversial video game Bully is set to release Florida judge Ronald Friedman has ordered the creator of the game, Take 2 Interactive, to provide him with a copy of the game to see it first-hand, and then decide whether to put in place a temporary injunction to prevent sales of the game.

September video game sales show growth

Market research firm NPD Group reports that September brought a significant increase in video game sales, creating a record as the best September in video game history.

ICANN can't yank Spamhaus domain

ICANN said it cannot delist UK-based Spamhaus' domain name. Spamhaus, a non-profit firm that offers anti-spam "black hole" lists, lost a US District court case to a U.S.-based marketing firm, e360 Insight, and must pay $11.7 million in damages. As part of the damages, e360 is trying to obtain a court order to delist the domain name, but ICANN has issued a statement saying that it does not have the ability or the authority to delist a name.

Microsoft disses Adobe with comparison videos

In the latest chapter of the ongoing feud between Microsoft and Adobe, Microsoft has now released a collection of videos on its Web site that gives viewers a head-to-head comparison between Dreamweaver 8, Adobe's site building application, and Microsoft's offering, Visual Studio 2005. In the bevy of comparative videos, Microsoft shows 101 Visual Studio features as compared to Dreamweaver 8.