FTC urged to investigate Google over Safari cookies

Three US lawmakers have written to the Federal Trade Commission querying whether Google's been violating a consent agreement that it reached with the FTC last year.

Apple wins 'slide-to-unlock' patent ruling against Motorola

Apple's won a patent ruling against Motorola relating to the 'slide-to-unlock' smartphone feature.

Cisco launches EU appeal against Microsoft-Skype merger

Cisco's appealed to the EU against its approval of Microsoft's takeover of Skype, saying it's worried the deal will damage the video calling market.

China's Proview seeks to halt iPad exports

China's Proview is reportedly trying to block shipments of Apple iPads in and out of the country as part of its trademark dispute.

EC and US approve Google/Motorola deal

The European Commission and US Department of Justice have cleared Google's purchase of Motorola.

Eolas fails to patent the web

Well, it was always a rather ambitious patent claim, and Eolas's attempt to, in essence, patent the interactive web has failed.

Wanna see the FBI's files on Steve Jobs?

The FBI has released its files on Apple boss Steve Jobs, revealing how questions were raised about his honesty and integrity.

Microsoft and Google make patent promises

Microsoft is promising that it will negotiate to license patents, rather than resorting to the courts - in a barely-disguised stab at Google, which made its own patent promises yesterday too.

EPIC sues FTC over Google privacy changes

The Electronic Privacy and Information Center has launched a lawsuit against the US Federal Trade Commission, aiming to force it to stop Google going through with its planned changes to its privacy policy.

India gets tough over 'objectionable' content

Running out of patience, an Indian court has given Google, Facebook and other internet companies just 15 more days to remove 'objectionable' content - although the companies say they've already done all they can.

Micron CEO killed in plane crash

Micron has announced the appointment of a new CEO, after the sudden death of Steve Appleton in a plane crash on Friday.

The accidental Facebook millionaires

A lucky graffiti artist is set to become a millionaire when Facebook goes public this spring.

IPO reveals state of Facebook's finances

Facebook has, as expected, announced its plans for a public offering in what's expected to be the biggest-ever sale of internet company shares.

The Pirate Bay down as court appeal fails

Sweden's Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal by the founders of The Pirate Bay, meaning their jail sentences and fines are now final.

EFF takes up cause of legit Megaupload users

Megaupload users whose data is in limbo are to get help retrieving it from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Facebook IPO filing may come today

Facebook is today expected to announce plans to go public, in a flotation expected to value the company at an almost unimaginable $100 billion.

The pirates of Angry Birds

The vigor with which the RIAA chases after those accused of pirating music has made the organization one the most reviled on the planet.

Samsung faces EC probe as German Galaxy Tab ban upheld

Samsung's under investigation by the European Commission over possible monopoly abuse - just as the company learns it's failed in its attempt to overturn a ban on selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.

Thailand welcomes Twitter censorship changes

Thailand has become the first country to publicly endorse Twitter's plans to censor tweets on a country-by-country basis, meaning that anybody wanting to insult the Royal Family had better get a move on.

Megaupload data could be wiped this week

Users of Megaupload - including the law-abiding - are set to lose all their data as early as this week.