Google stock split keeps power in founders' hands

Google's announced plans to issue a new class of shares in a move that cements its co-founders' control over the company.

US court says Motorola can't enforce Windows injunction

A US judge has ruled that Motorola won't be able to enforce an injunction preventing Microsoft from selling Windows products in Germany.

Apple sued over e-book pricing

The US government has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and a number of publishers - including Hachette SA, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin and Simon & Schuster - for allegedly colluding over e-book pricing.

Apple may get hit with e-book price fixing lawsuit today

The Department of Justice is expected to file an anti-trust lawsuit against Apple today, citing concerns of e-book price fixing.

Google search ads pull in the best customers

Google search advertising costs around 80 cents a click - but brings in $10 per click, say researchers.

Facebook acquires Instagram for a cool $1 billion

Facebook has announced that it is acquiring Instagram for a cool $1 billion in cash and shares.

Rogue engineer stole $400 million worth of information from Intel

A former Intel engineer has admitted to stealing information from the chip manufacturer to advance his career at AMD.

Twitter fights spammers with lawsuit

In an attempt to get rid of the flood of spam across Twitter, the company's filed a lawsuit agaisnt several companies it says are some of the worst offenders.

Facebook counter-sues Yahoo over patents

Following Yahoo's lawsuit against Facebook last month, Facebook's gone on the counter-attack.

Google found guilty of serving misleading ads in Australia

An Australian court has ruled for the first time that Google's responsible for advertisers' content.

EU to investigate Motorola for patent abuse

The European Commission has opened two formal antitrust investigations against Motorola Mobility, following complaints from Apple and Microsoft.

Antennagate claim site goes live

Apple iPhone 4 customers can now claim the princely sum of $15 in compensation, following the settlement of a lawsuit over the phone's 'antennagate' reception problems.

RIM to focus on business customers as sales slide

RIM has announced a fourth quarter loss of $125 million, and says it plans to pull out of the consumer market.

Apple vows to bring Foxconn conditions up to par (again)

The Fair Labor Association has proudly announced that, following its hard-hitting investigation into conditions at Apple's Foxconn plants, Apple and Foxconn will, er, start to abide by the law.

Republicans sink Facebook snooping legislation

House Republicans yesterday voted down an amendment that would have made it illegal for employers to ask job applicants for their Facebook passwords.

Apple offers refunds in Australia over 4G connectivity

Apple's been forced to offer a refund to Australian buyers of the new iPad after confusion about the device's 4G connectivity.

Facebook claims emails disprove Ceglia ownership claims

Facebook is asking a federal judge to throw out the lawsuit by Paul Ceglia claiming that he's entitled to half of the company.

Google ordered to censor Autocomplete results

Google's Autocomplete function is continuing to get it into trouble, with a Japanese man becoming the latest to sue over the suggestions it throws out for his name.

FTC urges tighter privacy rules

The FTC is calling for tighter online privacy rules, saying that if companies don't voluntarily introduce a 'do not track' facility, it'll do it for them.

Senators demand probe into bosses' Facebook password requests

Two US senators are demanding an investigation into allegations that many employers are ordering staff and job applicants to hand over their Facebook passwords.