Virgin America plane honors Steve Jobs

The next time you're soaring above the clouds, you may be closer to Steve Jobs than you think. At least in spirit.

Pirate Bay takes piracy to the next dimension - literally

Infamous online site The Pirate Bay wants to start letting users pirate 3D objects.

Real estate firm equates Apple Store to White House

An average square foot of an Apple Store location is worth about as much as the White House's per-square-foot value.

Office Depot begins accepting Paypal

When you get to the cash register, you now have a new option for payment aside from cash, check, or plastic.

Twitter buys news app startup

A Canadian company called Summify has become the latest notch on Twitter's bedpost.

4.5 million sign SOPA petition

It seems as if the virtual shutdown of Wikipedia, Craigslist, and other sites yesterday has done its job in the public eye.

Samsung strongly denies RIM buyout rumors

Samsung is vehemently denying a report that claimed it considered an acquisition proposal to buy struggling mobile company Research in Motion.

Say 'so long' to Yahoo's Jerry Wang

The man who helped form what was once an unstoppable online powerhouse is now stepping away from any semblance of relationship with the company.

Nissan brings car-scratching solvent to iPhone

A new iPhone 4/iPhone 4S protective case has been released from an unlikely manufacturer.

Steve Jobs action figure is no more

It's a move that hardly comes as a surprise, but Chinese manufacturer InIcon's Steve Jobs doll has been nixed.

Apple threatens to sue Steve Jobs dollmaker

The almost creepily realistic action figure of Steve Jobs is now the subject of strict legal scrutiny from Apple.

Woman sues Honda over bogus MPG claims

A woman has filed a civil lawsuit against Honda because she says her car is not living up to its 50 MPG status.

New Yahoo CEO is former Paypal exec

The man tasked with turning Yahoo around in the revolving door that is the company's CEO is Scott Thompson.

AT&T to pay Tivo $200+ million in settlement

AT&T has agreed to pay Tivo a whopping sum of $215 million, at a time when it also has to clear up money to pay T-Mobile.

Steve Jobs action figures are eerily realistic

When was the last time a deceased corporate CEO was given the same treatment as superheroes and movie characters?

Apple NYC event rumored, iBooks speculated

Apple rumors are already starting to creep into the new year.

Google's Flight Search makes competitors angry

What happens when Google steps into the $100+ billion travel industry?

Rumor: Apple suppliers nearly ready for TV sets

A new reports suggest supplies for Apple's rumored television sets will soon be underway.

Jobs's posthumous honors include Grammy, Hungarian statue

Although he is not alive to accept it, the Recording Academy announced this week that Steve Jobs will be receiving a Grammy Award in 2012.

Beware of gift card scams

If you're like most people, you'll be getting a handful of gift cards this holiday season.