Employee sues after being asked to provide Facebook credentials

We all knew it was only a matter of time.

Netflix frustrated over Facebook app legality

Netflix is frustrated that it's still illegal to release its Facebook app in the US.

'Pizza button' takes online ordering to a new level

If you thought ordering pizza online was convenient, wait until you see this.

Angry Birds developer Rovio buys smaller development firm

The company behind the wildly successful mobile and casual game Angry Birds has just scooped up a fellow mobile game developer.

HTC acquiring MOG music service

HTC's Beats Electronics unit is expected to be wrapping up a deal to buy music streaming service MOG.

Digg founder joins Google

Digg this - the man who created Digg is now working for Google.

CNN rumored to buy Mashable for $200 million

CNN may be prepared to make one of its biggest acquisitions to date.

Bankrupt Kodak now immune from Apple patent claims

Apple has been told that it can no longer pursue Kodak over patent infringement claims.

Youtube, Disney partnership matures in earnest

All it takes is a few quick searches on Youtube to realize that one of its biggest content supporters is Disney.

Zuckerberg doesn't quite make world's richest list

Mark Zuckerberg hasn't qualified as one of the richest men in the world, but we're sure he's not too upset about it.

Apple steams ahead with streaming TV despite content concerns

Apple wants to take on Netflix, but the companies that provide content to Netflix aren't that excited.

Man sues over embarrassing Google Street View photo

A man is suing Google after a precarious picture of him showed up on the company's Street View service.

How many countries are worth less than Apple?

Apple's market cap has gotten so big, it's more valuable than a lot of countries.

Honda announces massive minivan recall

Honda has issued a sweeping recall of its Odyssey minivans that have model years 2008 or 2009, after an issue was discovered with the rear hatch.

Comcast debuts Netflix competitor

Comcast is planning on entering the streaming video market.

Netflix highlights DVD-only plans

In an effort to backpeddle from its previous stance of going to a streaming-only format, Netflix is augmenting the way it offers DVD-only plans.

Groupon acquires location-tracking startup

Daily deals site Groupon has acquired a company called Hyperpublic, a startup that specializes in location-based technology.

Samsung spins off LCD business

Just a few days after it was rumored that Samsung was planning on spinning off its LCD display business, the company has decided to do just that.

Major retailers pulling Facebook stores

In a world that is usually full of glitz and glamor, Facebook has its failures as well.

Samsung downplays iTV threat

Samsung likes to consider itself the king of smart TV right now, so it has the most to lose if Apple redefines that growing market segment.