Orbitz targets Mac users with pricier hotels

If you're on a Mac, Orbitz is willing to bet that you'll spend more money when you travel.

Apple Motorola lawsuit gets dismissed

One of the most publicized technology lawsuits of the 2010s will end without a bang.

Facebook to change Sponsored Stories per lawsuit

A lawsuit has led to Facebook changing one of its most effective advertising tools.

Microsoft rejects Motorola lawsuit settlement

This doesn't look good for Motorola in any way shape or form.

MegaUpload content will not be returned to users

If you want to retrieve the files you thought were safe and secure when you uploaded them to MegaUplad, you may need a lawyer.

Netflix picks up new ABC Family content

Another day, another round of new content for Netflix.

New Apple campus blueprints leaked

Get ready for a massive construction project that's about to hit northern California.

Netflix forced to delete ex-user rental data

A class-action lawsuit has led to Netflix changing its privacy policy.

Virgin Atlantic to allow in-flight cell phone calls

Come on; say it with me... "Oh, no..."

Facebook's Instagram buy to face regulatory questions

Hold your horses - that billion-dollar Instagram acquisition has to face some hoops before it becomes official.

Rogue Street View engineer is identified

Marius Milner may not be on the FBI's most wanted list, but his actions are causing just as much of a stir.

NimbleTV aims for ambitious "TV anywhere" streaming

Is it crazy for a new startup to enter the competitive space dominated by Netflix and cable companies?

Parent sues Facebook in class-action Credits case

A mom is suing Facebook on behalf of all parents whose children have racked up credit card charges without their knowledge.

Oracle considered buying RIM and/or Palm

In another world, we might be talking about an Oracle-branded smartphone.

Twitter eyed Instagram before Facebook: report

It's being reported that Twitter also had eyes on the social platform that was recently acquired for $1 billion.

Tim Cook rumored to be seen at Valve offices

The man at the top of Apple is reportedly meeting with people at game company Valve.

Best Buy details 50 store closings

Best Buy has announced which of retail stores will be shutting its doors.

Woman sues Verizon for DSL speed issues

How important is truth in advertising? Here's a lawsuit that will get to the root of that question.

Inside look at Foxconn claims to show all

There's a new video that claims to show exactly what goes on at the elusive overseas manufacturing plant.

Paramount brings movies to YouTube

You'll soon be able to watch hundreds of new movies from Youtube, but they won't be free.