Apple Store shifts focus to dollars, not customers

Get ready to be upsold next time you walk into an Apple Store.

Jury in Apple-Samsung case asks for more time

This is going to be a lengthy deliberation process.

25 years later, a new Microsoft logo

For a significant amount of its customer base, Microsoft is unveiling a new logo for the first time in their lifetime.

Steve Jobs promise leads to lawsuit

Steve Jobs promised Wayne Goodrich that he would always have a job.

Samsung-Apple patent battle winds down

Closing arguments are today.

Apple retail exec: "we messed up"

Apple is showing a rare case of humility.

Judge tells Apple lawyer he's 'smoking crack'

The legal system is getting quite the run for its money with this Samsung-Apple lawsuit.

Apple working on live TV set-top box: report

Apple wants to take another crack at the living room market before it launches its own branded TV set.

Steve Jobs's house was burglarized

Sometimes there are crimes that you just can't get away with.

Apple Stores seeing massive layoffs: report

Even though Apple hype is nearing a fever pitch right now, things might not be so great for the company's retail channel.

Samsung not interested in Blackberry

Samsung is not at all considering a play in the Blackberry market.

Apple v Samsung trial begins; here comes the bloodbath

Get ready, folks. This isn't going to be pretty for anyone.

Apple reportedly eyes Twitter investment

Apple wants to increase its stake in the world of social media.

Report: Comcast to launch 305 Mbps Internet

Comcast is apparently working on a blazing-fast high-speed Internet service.

Onstar to let you make money renting your car

If you have Onstar equipped in your car, you'll soon be able to make some cash on the side.

NBC takes control of

Microsoft is no longer a part of NBC's online news presence.

Netflix CEO still bullish on the cloud

It'll take more than a little outage for Netflix to change its plans.

Google demands $4 million in Oracle fees

It's not a great time for Oracle right now.

Time Warner Cable expands broadband data caps

Time Warner Cable is expanding its tests of tiered broadband data service.

Judge rejects lift on Galaxy Tab ban

For Samsung, things are not looking too good right now.