Outspoken Samsung CTO Omar Kham resigns

Omar Khan, Samsung's chief technology officer and one of the most vocal figures in the company's mobile strategy, has resigned.

Apple faces another loss in 'App Store' suit

Amazon is allowed to continue using the term "Appstore" for its third-party online outlet for Android apps.

Tech exec admits guilt in insider trading

Did you know that white collar criminals sometimes admit their guilt? It happened with a technology company executive recently.

Nokia leaving Japanese market

Nokia couldn’t overcome the popularity of smartphones in Japan, so they’ve decided to pull out of the Japanese market.

Samsung wants US import ban on Apple products

The public war between Samsung and Apple is getting ugly. And Samsung is taking the aggressiveness to a new level.

Sony chief Howard Stringer takes 16% pay cut

After three straight years of losses, Howard Stringer is finally feeling some pain in his own bank account.

LA phisher sentenced to 13 years behind bars

Score one for the Department of Justice.

Nokia may outsource Windows Phone manufacturing

A new report suggests a very out-of-the-ordinary move for Nokia.

Judge already skeptical of Apple's "App Store" case

Apple is not off to a good start in its trademark case against Amazon.

Apple files new lawsuit against Samsung

Apple said today that it has filed a lawsuit in South Korea which accuses Samsung Electronics of copying its products.

Microsoft Skype deal passes FTC probe

Microsoft's acquisition of Skype has been cleared of federal antitrust questions.

Say goodbye to dot-com, welcome to dot-anything

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved its most radical change ever in how online domain names are assigned.

Analyst tears into RIM as "one-trick pony"

Research in Motion, the company that makes Blackberry devices, has just scaled back its sales forecasts for the near future.

Apple's "back to school" promo offers $100

Apple has launched its annual "Back to School" promotional offer.

Juror gets 8 months for using Facebook

A UK woman who admitted to contacting a defendant while she was on the jury of her trial will be imprisoned for eight months.

Google acquires Admeld for $400 million

Google has reportedly paid $400 million for a company you've probably never heard of.

iCloud Communications sues Apple

A company called iCloud Communications has filed a lawsuit against Apple...for obvious reasons.

Apple replacing some Verizon iPad 2 units

There's a problem with a small number of iPad 2 tablets sold with Verizon connectivity.

Apple backtracks on in-app subscriptions

Apple has done the unthinkable and reversed a policy that would have forced companies to pay it a lot of money.

Apple's iCloud rumored to cost $25/year

Apple plans to roll out its new iCloud music streaming service for free to entice users, but will then charge an annual fee.