T-Mobile sides with Samsung in patent war

The ugly and growing spat between Apple and Samsung is becoming somewhat like a digital World War.

US rejects Apple's "multi-touch" trademark request

The US Patent and Trademark office will not be granting Apple the exclusive rights to the term "multi-touch."

Apple threatens store for selling Galaxy Tab

On the heels of winning its patent case against the Galaxy Tab in Australia, Apple is now going after local retailers who still want to sell the Samsung device.

Amazon signs streaming pact with 20th Century Fox

Your favorite Fox TV shows along with a wide library of 20th Century Fox feature films are coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Analyst says iPad will be dethroned in 2014

Analyst group Gartner says the iPad will be the #1 tablet through 2014 but isn't clear what platform will take its place.

Embattled HP CEO on the chopping block

We may be looking at the final days of Leo Apotheker as the CEO of fledgling company HP.

Microsoft, Casio ink Linux licensing deal

It looks like Microsoft is about to rake in a lot of money from Casio as the two have just signed a deal for Casio to pay licensing fees over the use of Linux in upcoming products.

Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 5 in Korea

The nasty patent war between Samsung and Apple looks to be entering a new chapter.

Stevie Wonder gives props to Steve Jobs

Apparently Stevie Wonder is a MacHead at heart. During a recent performance, Wonder took a moment to sing the praises of Apple and its founder Steve Jobs.

Virgin America unveils even cooler plane

Virgin America, which by any estimation was already the neatest commercial US carrier, is going even more high-tech.

Walmart acquires social ad firm OneRiot

Walmart has just increased its presence in the world of mobile and social advertising.

Winklevoss twins become pistachio pitchmen

Well, it may not pay the millions of dollars they sought in their Facebook lawsuit, but the Winklevoss twins have landed a new job.

AT&T tries to convince it won't be monopoly

AT&T is putting a new argument on the table to dissuade federal authorities that its T-Mobile purchase won't make it a monopolistic company.

Youtube founders move onto next big thing

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are diving into their next big project on the Internet.

Carol Bartz to walk with $14 million severance

Carol Bartz was ousted from her spot as CEO of Yahoo, but don't shed too many tears for her.

Amazon reportedly working on 'Netflix for books'

Amazon is apparently set to launch a new service that will give users access to a massive collection of e-books for a flat monthly fee.

Galaxy Tab is perma-banned in Germany

Samsung can never sell the Galaxy Tab as it exists right now within the borders of Germany.

Google acquires Zagat to boost 'local' presence

Google's latest major purchase is the 32-year-old leader in restaurant and landmark recommendations, Zagat.

Registration begins for .xxx domains

If you own a business and have been dying to register your company name as a XXX website, now's your chance.

AT&T may lower T-Mobile buyout bid

The latest adjustment that may need to  be made in order to salvage the AT&T/T-Mobile merger is a reduction in the amount of money that will change hands.