Sprint lawsuit against AT&T/T-Mobile merger is approved

Sprint will be allowed to sue AT&T over its plan to acquire fellow carrier T-Mobile, a plan that is continuing to face problems from the mobile industry and government regulatory agencies.

Gamestop begins selling Android tablets

The leading games retailer in the US is continuing to realize it needs to adapt to the changing world of the video game medium.

Disney expands deals with Netflix, Amazon

Realizing that online streaming video is the future, Disney-ABC has signed freshly minted deals to bring new content to Netflix and Amazon.

Steve Jobs final words, and more bedside revelations

There are some new details about what happened in the hours and moments before Steve Jobs met his untimely end.

House introduces controversial anti-piracy act

Calls to strengthen the ability of the federal government to regulate Internet content has been renewed, with the House Judiciary Committee introducing new legislation aimed at halting online piracy.

Harley-Davidson recalls 300,000 motorcycles

Harley-Davidson is about to hit the brakes and recall approximately 308,000 motorcycles.

Netflix lost 800,000+ members in last quarter

Netflix is becoming a perfect case study in how no company is too big to annoy its customers beyond the breaking point.

AT&T wants Sprint completely shut out of T-Mobile ordeal

AT&T doesn't want Sprint near any courtroom that's involved in its attempt to acquire T-Mobile and become the largest mobile operator in the US.

Al Gore comments on impact of Steve Jobs death

Former vice president and current media attention junkie Al Gore talked about his relationship with Steve Jobs at a tech conference called AsiaD this week.

Apple Stores to hold Steve Jobs 'moment of silence'

Apple store locations nationwide will be closed for 90 minutes today following a private memorial honoring the life of Steve Jobs.

Report: Steve Jobs had a hand in iPhone 5

The iPhone 4S may not be the last phone that was designed in part by Steve Jobs.

AT&T wants to block Sprint from T-Mobile discussions

AT&T has filed a motion to prevent Sprint from accessing confidential information related to the proposed acquisition of fellow carrier T-Mobile.

Amazon tries to court authors directly

Instead of dealing with publishers to get digital copies of books distributed through the Kindle, Amazon is now looking to connect with the authors directly.

Microsoft Skype buyout is officially official

Microsoft has closed the deal to purchase voice-over IP company Skype for a dazzling $8.5 billion.

US judge finally calls out Apple v Samsung BS

A judge in the US will seemingly not rule in Apple's favor when it comes to the company's request to ban Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Australian Galaxy Tab ban becomes official

Australia has made the injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab sales official, meaning they will not be available in stores for the holiday season.

FCC teams up with Best Buy

The FCC has chosen Best Buy as its partner in a new attempt to bring computer literacy and training to Americas across the country.

Samsung finds loophole in smartphone ban

There's a new chapter in the legal battle between Samsung and Apple. Advantage Samsung.

Walmart, Facebook team up for local deals

Two of the biggest American corporations have joined forces to bring local, relevant information to the nearly nine million Walmart Facebook fans.

Netflix kills Qwikster

The leading online video streaming service has killed a product that should have never been born.