GIF loses patent protection

I am sure a lot of you remember the great "GIF fiasco": more than a decade ago, Unisys decided to make money out of the most used image file format on the Internet: the GIF format.

Memo suggests HP's Hurd knew of probe in July 2005: WSJ

Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Mark Hurd may have known as early as in July 2005 the company was looking into private phone records as part of its leak investigation, The Wall Street Journal reported in its online edition on Monday.

Yahoo teams up with HP on search engine

Yahoo said it has struck a deal with Hewlett-Packard to plant its Internet search engine on millions of computers, the latest volley in a high-stakes battle with Google Inc. and Microsoft.

Analyst sees 'modest success' for Zune

Microsoft will likely lose money on its new music player, Zune, against Apple Computer Inc.'s "industry-leading iPod profitability," an American Technology Research analyst said Friday.

Symantec feeling Vista heat

Symantec has warned that users of Microsoft's new Vista operating system could find their options for running anti-virus style software seriously reduced.

Wozniak book splits the critics

Partly on the basis that the quietest guy in the room is often the most interesting, a cottage industry has grown up seeking the low-down and scoopy on that most secretive of organisations, Apple Computer.

Inventec reportedly beats Quanta for new video Ipod orders

Apple Computer will focus its new video Ipod orders at Inventec rather than distributing to both Inventec and Quanta Computer, according to component makers cited in a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.

Digital cameras and webcams driving growth for IC designers

Shipments to the digital-camera and webcam segments are driving growth for IC designers, such as Syntek Semiconductor, Sunplus Technology, Ali, and Sonix Technology, according to market sources.

BenQ to stop funding German handset subsidiary

To stem the losses at its mobile operations, BenQ's board of directors agreed to discontinue injecting capital into BenQ Mobile.

Apple cracks down on use of the word 'pod'

Apple has stepped up its legal crackdown on businesses using the word 'pod' in product and company names.

DFI denies will exit motherboard channel market by Q4

Recent rumors have circulated that Diamond Flower International (DFI) may give up the motherboard channel business by the fourth quarter of 2006.

Digital TV shipments totaled 15.5 million in Q2 06, says Displaysearch

In the second quarter of 2006, global digital TV shipments rose 22% on quarter to 15.5 million units, accounting for 37% of TV units and 80% of TV revenues.

In recovery: TFT-LCD industry review and outlook for 2006

The so-called "crystal cycle" of the TFT-LCD industry remains unpredictable, with the range of oversupply or demand usually failing to meet the forecasts of industry players and watchers.

Pioneer sues Samsung for patent infringement

Pioneer is suing Samsung in the US for patent infringement over technology used in plasma display panels. Samsung plans to file a counter-suit in reply.

Angry publishers stamp on Google spiders

Publishers around the world are collectively putting their foot down against search engines in a new global initiative to regain control of their content.

Philips revokes CD-R patent license for CMC and Ritek

Royal Philips Electronics has revoked CD-R disc patent licenses for CMC Magnetics and Ritek, the top two producers of optical discs in Taiwan, as well as Prodisc Technology and Lead Data, two second-tier makers, according to a list of CD-R licensees published on Philips Intellectual Property & Standards' (PIPS') global website.

NAND flash market shows signs of life

The NAND flash market has finally started showing signs of life, and prices are now increasing across the board.

Samsung exec pleads guilty to price-fixing

Thomas Quinn, a Samsung Semiconductor executive, has pleaded guilty to federal charges of fixing prices for dynamic random access memory (DRAM).

Adobe, Symantec press EC to remove Vista tanks from their lawns

Symantec and Adobe have raised objections to the inclusion of security software and electronic document technology in Windows Vista. Adobe has asked the European Commission to prevent the bundling of PDF document creation and reading tools that compete with its software.

US Commerce Department loses 1137 laptops

The US Commerce Department, which is responsible for counting things, has calculated that it has lost more than 1100 laptops since 2001.