FCC is not a fan of AT&T T-Mobile merger

It isn't a good thing when a government-sanctioned entity is criticizing a company over a decision that the government needs to approve.

Facebook IPO rumors draw huge buzz

Is Facebook getting ready to move into the stock market?

Black Friday sales swell, mostly online

Retailers rejoiced this past weekend as Black Friday sales jumped ahead of last year's numbers, but it was mostly due to a huge increase in online sales.

Feds seize 881-pound tuna from hapless fisherman

A lucky fisherman in Massachusetts recently caught a tuna weighing a whopping 881-pounds. Unfortunately, his excitement didn't last all that long - because the feds confiscated the giant fish.

Lieberman wants more censorship of Google blogs

US Senator Joe Lieberman is calling on Google to censor more content on its blog platform. Why?

Free SMS service launched by Hotmail co-founder

Hotmail was so well-liked by users that Microsoft acquired it for around $400 million. Now Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia is hoping for similar success with Jaxtr SMS, a free text messaging service.

China is now leading smartphone market

There are now more smartphones being shipped to China than any other country.

Apple's Grand Central store won't open Black Friday

Apple's giant retail presence at one of the most iconic landmarks in the country won't be ready in time for this week's big shopping holiday, despite speculation that it would.

Facebook to inundate Ticker with "Sponsored Stories"

Deep down, we all knew it was only a matter of time.

GM touts Tracking Solar Tree

General Motors (GM) has introduced a way to turn parking spots into solar charging stations for electric vehicles: a Tracking Solar Tree that moves with the sun to better collect the energizing rays it gives off.

Playboy.com doesn't like 'XXX' domain

The company that owns the rights to Playboy.com and other adult websites has filed a lawsuit to prevent '.xxx' from creeping into its turf.

New Galaxy Tab circumvents Apple ban

Samsung has made a few minor tweaks to its Galaxy Tab Android tablet so that it no longer violates the Apple patents that led to a ban in Germany.

California town adopts spy plane plan

Lancaster City Council has approved the filming of its citizens from above. Yes, the California town will soon begin using a camera-equipped spy plane to monitor potential criminal activity. 

Google reportedly nearing Universal Music deal

Just a matter of days after Google's long-anticipated digital music service resurfaced in the blogosphere, there are new rumblings that the search giant might be closing in on a deal with Universal.

TSA eyes Christmas present inspections

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will not be securing any holiday cheer this Christmas.

Yelp hires Goldman Sachs & Citigroup for IPO bid

Yelp has enlisted the help of Goldman Sachs Group and Citigroup as it prepares to go public.

Amazon acquires text-to-speech startup, Siri challenger?

Without a lot of hype and fanfare, Amazon has snatched up a new company focused on text-to-speech technology.

Shocker: AT&T extends expected T-Mobile deal closure

AT&T has pushed back the date when it says it hopes the acquisition of T-Mobile will be a done deal. No duh.

Groupon IPO values company at $12.7 billion

The initial public offering for daily deal site Groupon raised $700 million as one of the most exciting Internet IPOs in a while.

Steve Jobs biography becomes instant best seller

In just a few days, the authorized tell-all biography of Steve Jobs has, unsurprisingly, become the best-selling book on the market and is already nearing the list of top books of 2011.