Tech titans reportedly mull RIM bids

There have apparently been a few major companies that have voiced interest in acquiring fledgling Blackberry maker Research in Motion.

AT&T T-Mobile deal is officially dead

Just hours after a report surfaced about AT&T coming to the realization that the T-Mobile buyout would likely never be approved, the carrier decided to announce it would no longer pursue the deal.

Report: AT&T admits T-Mobile deal is unlikely

AT&T might finally realize it's time to wake up and smell the coffee - the carrier has reportedly been stepping down its efforts to push the T-Mobile buyout deal through.

Facebook threatens fake Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has threatened to file a lawsuit against a man who recently changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg.

Fusion Garage dies a quick, biting death

It seems Fusion Garage, a company that was at one point the new hot thing in tech, has shut down without fanfare or even a real explanation to customers.

Steve Jobs biography might get an addendum

Perhaps following in the mold of Apple, biographer Walter Isaacson has hinted there might be a newer, better version of the Steve Jobs biography in the future.

Universities protectively snatch .xxx domains

Creating a top-level domain that is strictly for porn is something that reaches far beyond people who watch or create porn.

Texting while driving is up 50%

About 20% of drivers have admitted to texting while behind the wheel, a statistic that is continuing to increase at alarming levels.

Amazon offers reward for Kindle exclusivity

Amazon has begun offering a monetary incentive for publishers who make their books exclusive to the Kindle, or at least exclusive for a period of time.

AT&T is not backing away from T-Mobile deal

Even though it seems all the forces of the world are against it, AT&T has vowed to keep pursuing the T-Mobile deal to the bitter end.

Apple firms up Grand Central store opening

As of tomorrow, there will be a brand new tourist trap in New York City - located inside what is already one of the biggest tourist attractions.

Verizon plans to take on Netflix

In an environment where Netflix is still reeling from customer dissatisfaction and facing a new round of competition, Verizon has decided it's time to step in.

RIM ordered not to use 'BBX' moniker

As if Research in Motion needed any more bad news, it has just been ordered by a judge not to use the name "BBX" because it already belongs to another trademark owner.

Analyst: Apple doesn't see Kindle Fire as a threat

If you think Apple executives are staying up at night cringing at the thought of the Kindle Fire's remarkable sales, you'd be mistaken.

.xxx launches today

Today is the beginning of a potentially new era for the Internet, an era that fully recognizes what is - like it or not - one of the most prolific facets of the information superhighway.

Discarding rechargeable batteries illegal in NYC

New York residents will now have to be extra careful when they throw their batteries away. Thanks to a new state law those who get caught discarding rechargeable batteries could be fined $50 or more.

Facebook acquires location startup Gowalla

Facebook has added a brand new online startup to its continuously growing library of nascent tech companies.

Holy streaming, Batman! There's a new Youtube

Google has just completely overhauled the Youtube interface and you'll barely even recognize it when you see it for the first time.

Google mulls Amazon Prime-like service

As a fellow online powerhouse, Amazon is a natural target for Google, and now the search giant is trying to take on Amazon in its home turf.

AT&T's 'plan B' would leave T-Mobile as a competitor

New details are emerging about a plan that AT&T may resort to if it is ultimately unable to close the T-Mobile acquisition deal.