Yahoo ads target individuals based on search behavior

  • Sunnyvale (CA) - Yahoo announced new ad targeting features yesterday, designed to better target consumers.  The new technology will show display ads to users based on what they search for, regardless what area of the Yahoo network they are using. For instance, if an individual searches for baby names, an advertiser will be able to target that user with a display ad designed specifically for babies, pregnancy, or parenting.
    Another new advertising method is enhanced retargeting which delivers advertisements to users based on how often the individual uses or visits the advertiser’s website.

    Yahoo describes enhanced targeting as much more capable consumer targeting, which will include scheduling of advertisements and targeting specific demographics within their searches. Advertisers will be able to manage what time of day and week their ads are run, and additionally target specifics such as age and gender.

    This new announcement follows the introduction of image/video capabilities in sponsored search environments, which was announced last week. The program called Rich Ads in Search has been in testing for more than a year and is currently only available to Yahoo’s major clients.

    The firm’s new targeting products may allow advertisers improve the ability to search and display ads to reduce scatter shooting and hit their target market. As advertising budgets are declining at a rapid pace, marketers are searching for new ways to guarantee that their ad dollars are money well spent.