DDR3 product roadmaps adjust for channel and economy

Posted by Rick C. Hodgin

Santa Clara (CA) - DigiTimes is reporting that Intel will delay making the switchover to DDR3-exclusive products until sometime in 2010. This news comes just two days after learning Asustek and Gigabyte are reportedly sitting on top of a $320 million inventory of unsold DDR2-based 4-series chipsets - stating they hoped Intel would delay the DDR3-exclusive 5-series chipsets to give them time to clear out their existing inventory.

Intel is scheduled to release its 5-series DDR3-based chipset in September, 2009, but the full switch will not take place until 2010 - due to the weakened global economy, a lack of falling DDR3 prices, and lower-than-expected demand for Core i7 on x58.

In addition, AMD is reportedly struggling with its own DDR3-related issues. DigiTimes cites technical difficulties and an inability to achieve stability with the integrated DDR3 memory controller in Socket AM3-based CPUs. According to DigiTimes' sources, AMD will likely not make the transition to DDR3 until they are "able to come out with a workable BIOS."

See DigiTimes.