Thank you for your baby emails!

  • It was an emotional week for my wife, children and me. On Thursday morning our third child was born and we are overjoyed that we have been blessed with another healthy son. How your love for someone can create life is one of the big miracles in our world and it certainly puts your own life into perspective.

    You may wonder about the purpose of this article, especially since we receive emails of concerned readers who don’t want us to report about IT business issues, but I felt compelled writing a thank you note to all those who reacted to a rather unexpected article written by my colleague and good friend Emory Kale.

    My wife, children (6 and 8 and just making their first steps discovering what computers and Internet can offer to them) and I were moved by your comments and overwhelmed by the congratulation emails we received. We have read every single mail and will answer your emails as soon as we have caught up with our daily lives.

    TG Daily consumes most of my time these days, which causes one or the other family argument, as you may imagine and many of you may know all too well from your own experience. Obviously, TG Daily has turned into a passion for me, despite the occasional frustration, and I enjoy investing the time necessary to find out what the future holds for the entire TG Daily team. Some of you may know that we have left the Tom's Hardware ship earlier this year and are now an independent publication learning to stand on our own on feet. So far, we have had a great run and exceeded more than 1 million unique visitors in June for the very first time (which is more than twice our audience in January of this year).

    I am grateful for a wonderful wife who puts up with all my overtime that goes into TG Daily seven days a week. However, the birth of a child clearly resets your view on your private on professional life and enables you to see what is truly important in life. Sometimes we need to take a step back, take a deep breath and adjust things that may be on the wrong track. I for myself already learned that my time management desperately needs fine tuning.

    To all of you who recently received babies or let us know that you will receive a baby soon, all the best from our family to yours and our hope that your child will be as healthy as our three children.

    Thanks again for your emails! And, of course, Emory for his moving article!


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